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Can do their bit for German music

Maccy asks: 'Who are Can ' - which brings us to something of an oxymoron, for Can were one of the most influential German bands of the last 40 years, and central to a movement that came to be known01:00 Thu 06th Jun 2002

Mercury Rev and the soundtrack to RI:SE

There have been numerous requests to name the music used to promote the new Channel 4 breakfast show 'RI:SE'. The song is called Holes and it's the first track from the Mercury Rev CD Deserter's01:00 Fri 03rd May 2002

I've been reading about the death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes of US R'n'B group TLC (pictured, centre, with band mates Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, left, and Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas) died last week when her all-terrain people carrier crashed01:00 Wed 01st May 2002

Hello again ...

I heard a Neil Diamond song on the radio, but I know little about him ' can you enlighten me Neil Diamond was born Noah Kaminsky in January 1941 in Brooklyn New York. In common with most teenagers,01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

I still got my guitar ...

Q. Has the computer revolution changed the way musicians learn to play A. The advent of technology has resulted in some significant changed within the music industry, especially with regard to01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

The harder I try ...

Q. Where have all the independent record retailers gone A. The way of corner shops - they've been forced out of business by the supermarkets and record company-owned mega stores, the days of the01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

We get the funniest looks ...

Q. Are Boy Bands a new idea A. Not as new as you moght think - if you go back as far as 1965, you'll find The Monkees, who can claim the title as the original 'boy band', although the label01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

It'a all in the luney tune ...

Q. Can you recommend an Alice Cooper album A. A good entry into the world of Alice is the School's Out album, which contains his best-known song, and biggest hit single. Q. Is the single a01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

Oh Mr Woo, what can I do

Q. I heard a comic song at my parents' house, they told me it was George Formby, and he was a massive star. Can you tell me more A. George Formby was born George Hoy Booth in Lancashire in 1904.01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

He's just a wide boy ...

Q. I'd like to manage a rock band, how do I start A. First of all, you need to be very sure that this is what you want to do. Managing a band is second only to playing in a band, in terms of the01:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002

Sadness ...

Q. I adore the Concierto de Aranjuez, what can you tell me about its composer A. The Concierto de Aranjuez is probably the most famous piece of Spanish classical guitar music ever written. It s a01:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002

Save the best 'till last

Q. My parents have a load of James Last albums which they love - what can you tell me about him A. In spite of his English-sounding name, James Last is actually German by birth. Hans Last adopted a01:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002


Q. What can you tell me about opera singer Lesley Garrett A. Lesley Garrett is a respected opera singer around the world, and she's built her career on the belief that musical snobbery,01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Good as gold

Q. What was the most experimental album The Beatles ever made A. That would have to be The Beatles, known to everyone as The White Album. Q. What is experimental about it A. This is an album01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Deep deep trouble

Q. I keep hearing reference to a rapper named Tupac. Who is he A. It's actually who was he. Tupac died after a drive-by shooting in 1996, at the height of his fame, and in his mid-twenties. Q. 01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Single life

Q. Is the pop single dead A. Dead no, but decidedly unhealthy these days! Q. Why A. Because record companies are scaling down the release of singles in the belief that customers will buy01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

pop single

01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

Kinky reggae now

Q. I fancy getting into reggae, where should I begin A. Not for nothing is Bob Marley the biggest star reggae music has ever produced. His mix of reggae history and culture, married to a01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

At the edge

Q. I hear that Arthur Lee has been released from prison. A. That's correct. The legendary psychedelic musician and founder of seminal Sixties band Love has served half a 12-year sentence for01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Top ranking ...

Q. I fancy getting into reggae. Where should I begin A. Not for nothing is Bob Marley the biggest star reggae music has ever produced. His mix of reggae history and culture, married to a01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

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