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Khandro | 00:04 Thu 16th Dec 2021 | Politics
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Regulars will have noted that I am a (qualified) fan of Donald Trump, he who asked some interesting and salient questions; to my mind most of all was the one he asked in Poland in 2017.

"Does the West have the will to live?" Well, does it?


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Yes, but without Donald Trump anywhere near anything approaching a position of power.
and this was the man who suggested Americans treat Covid wth bleach? How many of them died taking his various foolish words of advice?
Is that the same Trump who wanted to leave NATO, presumably leaving Europe defenceless to the Russians?
The same Trump who wasn’t particularly bothered about Ukraine. Or Afghanistan - he gave it all back to the Taliban. Or Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Is he still denying climate change after the unprecedented tornadoes last week?
US foreign policy since the second world war has been a disaster.
Trump thought they shouldn’t have a foreign policy. Support Americans at home, not johnny foreigner in the ar*ehole of beyond.
So in four short years, Trump retreated from everywhere, on the basis of saving money.
Strangely the world is a better place for that. But America has given up a hell of a lot of influence.
Did you require a lobotomy to become a "qualified fan"?
I would suggest that yes, the west does have a will to live. That's why he's no longer in power.
Does the whole world have a will to live the way we're destroying the planet we live on?
"Strangely the world is a better place for that."

You should develop that throwaway remark. I don't see how it can be true.
The other comments are to the point.
23.40. That isn’t true…. but I guess your lies are acceptable. How two-faced!
Not true. There was no suggestion. He asked a question.
Thank goodness Naomi has arrived on this thread, now everyone will be educated.
What’s that all about, 1ozzy?
Like it or not!
""And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? "

So he is taking it as read that disinfectant would work: his only query appears to be the method(!)
He presumably then issued a hasty "don't try this at home folks" rebuttal, didn't he?
I'll get back to you with the link for that ;-)
The point being here is an individual hardly with his finger on the pulse, wherever else he may have it ...
No answer, 1ozzy?
//"Does the West have the will to live?" //

It's a daft question (a la Trump). Neither interesting nor salient.
//And is there a way we can do something like that...//

Ich, what don't you understand about that question? You take your assumptions as read because that's what you want to do.

No need for further links. I watched his discussion with the scientists.

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