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Next Prime Minister

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AB Editor | 08:55 Tue 30th Aug 2022 | Politics
72 Answers

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Next Prime Minister?

  • Boris - 38 votes
  • 29%
  • They're all the same anyway - 37 votes
  • 28%
  • Sunak - 24 votes
  • 18%
  • Truss - 21 votes
  • 16%
  • Other, I will say below - 11 votes
  • 8%

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I voted for Boris too.
Is there much enthusiasm among the general public for Boris Johnson?
I am not sure there is any more.
My advice to Conservative supporters would have to be, "get over it". He isn't coming back, and the bitterness over his departure will be very destructive for the party.
If the Conservative Party is as blase about the result of the next election as some of its supportes here appear to be then it is doomed at the next election, large majority or not.
"as expected Boris wins hands down"

He's only two ahead out of sixteen votes so it's hardly winning hands down.
I see the Radicalised , Tunnel visioned, Blinkered
Boris Supporter fan boys and girls are up and about.
The Tory party has only ever been "doomed" for as long as it took people to realise how bad the alternative(s) were at running the country.
or should that be "ruining the country"!
My choice would be the person who will help this country back on its feet and help the millions who will suffer as a result of the energy crisis. I don't know who that is and I'm not interested in personalities at this stage.
By thr time of the next election the Conservatives will have been in power, including the coalition, for 14 years.
Admittedly it's probably been a different Tory party since 2016, but that is a fair while, and I am not sure the reputation for sound economic policies is all that justifiable.
Labour has currently by far the more popular policies for helping people with the cost of living, whether or not you think they are the right ones, and it seems many Tory voters support renationalising the energy companies for example, none of which sits particularly well with the promises made by the likely new PM.
Couldn't we have had an option "anyone but Boris".

That may not get selected by many ABers, but is the general feeling in the country I believe.
Can't understand why the dyed in the wool Cons. would want Boris back as PM , When he has destroyed their Party and has led them into losing the next G/E and possibly the one after that.
........Just like Lambs to the slaughter....
This poll makes little sense with Boris in it. For the last time he's finished stop dreaming.
//Yes naomi, as expected Boris wins hands down. We seem to have dumped the best man for the job over a slice of cake and a nonce, hey ho! Should please the poltroons.//

Lol, best man for the job? Is the country in need of a serial shagger and liar?

Nonce is a bit precarious too, he’s a predatory sex pest, not a paedophile.
Johnson lying about him passed you by though?
Surprised Naomi didn’t warn you about the slanderous aspect of that.
Pot and Kettle Gulliver
I don't think anyone is in any doubt that Boris will not be the next prime minister. However, I do believe that his critics have seriously misjudged the mood of the country and that's something the Conservative contingent at least, will live to regret. People have suffered a hard few years and with the prospect of even harder times looming for many, they want strong leadership and stability - and four prime ministers in six years doesn't provide anything approaching that. Additionally, had there been a viable alternative waiting in the wings it may have been easier to excuse this deliberate act of vandalism, but there wasn't and there isn't. Liz Truss will be a disaster - and so would Sunak - both self-promoting, impotent nonentities punching far above their weight. Nevertheless, full steam ahead, and regardless of the outcome, the assassins went for it, and in the process have thrown the country to the dogs, something that quite bizarrely, appears to be not only welcomed, but gleefully relished, by some here. Perhaps they, like the ineffectual wet weekend that is Starmer, think that with Boris out of the way, Labour can triumph, but he and they going to be sadly mistaken. Even if Truss lasts the course - and I have my doubts - the result of the next election will be a parliament in chaos. I wonder what they deserve? A pat on the back - or a swift kick up the backside? Time will tell - and it won’t take long in saying it.
In short when you have a serial liar for an PM the country will have already gone to the dogs. The next one will correct that if nothing else. That will do for me for starters.
Hopefully you'll remain content with the new one, pimply,
// Sorry, Ed. I'm not sure what you mean.//
yes for gods sake ed
write sense - write like TTT
foo wonky da da! innit end of
or else no one will know WHAT you mean !
I don't think anyone is in any doubt that Boris will not be the next prime minister.
sozza double negative
every thing Boris says is a damned lie
and some suckers er suck it up
//Hopefully you'll remain content with the new one, pimply,//

I'm afraid not - it will just be a question of hate transfer. (I bet gully et al will be typing Boris when they really means Truss!)
It doesn't take much to upset the radicalised right on here does it .

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