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I Want Out Of The EU

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AB Editor | 09:55 Tue 04th Oct 2011 | News
63 Answers

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  • Yes! "I Want Out" of the EU - 190 votes
  • 77%
  • No! I Don't. - 57 votes
  • 23%

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I'm over 60.
...and what's *your* cut-off point for being aged? Or don't you use the word at all?
so im younger than you. well i never.

/// everyone was too busy taking mind-altering drugs back then (or just too busy listening to Abba) to know what was really going on.///

There speaks an enlightened young-un, I don't think so somehow, far from it.
England may have entered the EU in 1973 under the misguided agreement of a certain Mr. Heath; but the public was not given a say in whether, as we were already in, we should stay in, until 1975. As you had to be 18 to have a vote, that means 1957 would be the birthdate of the youngest. And they'd be 54 now.
I don't refer to people of 60 being 'aged', in fact, no, it's not a word I use at all come to think of it. And why the hell do I have to have a 'cut off' point. Still think you're offensive.
Notasyoung not sure that was levelled at you, but i don't use aged either. My mother would be appalled if i called her old, even though she is over 80, she is very young at heart.
If you dont like Europe try Afghanistan.
em My mum is 80 and looks 10 years younger. I would never refer to her as aged, she's just my lovely Mum. I know she'd love to be younger and thinks I'm a mere stripling, my Dad at 83 thinks I'm just a 'kid' - I love it !
owdhamer, why would anyone try afghanistan, and what's that got to do with Europe
the OED is okay with the existence of the word "aged" and so am I but you politically correct youngsters don't have to use it if you don't want to.

So do you say "old" or "elderly" or just "chronologically challenged"?
60 isnt old anymore
same question, cazzz: if 60 isn't old, when is?
Agree cazzz
probably over 70/75

people are living much longer now, we have a record amount of centenarians, as medicine and living standards improve, it will become the norm.
it's not up to me to make judgements on people's age. I can't tell how old someone is just by looking at them, nor do i wish to.
If you call someone aged it seems to imply infirmity, and a dottiness, which doesn't apply to those i know. In one of Charles Dickens novels there is an aged parent, referred to as such, i forget which book. When i read it, that word smacked of decrepitude. I know youngsters who you would consider old, and older people who are very young. It's how they approach life with all its myriad problems.
A bit extreme i admit but i firmly believe in european monetary union,despite the current problems.A single currency will eventually prove its self.
Very well put em.
Owdh before it crashes you mean. x

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I Want Out Of The EU

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