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Are right-wingers a little dim?

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anotheoldgit | 13:23 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | News
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I wonder how many left-wing Daily Mail haters will agree wholeheartedly with this latest survey?

I also wonder for what side of the political spectrum these academics bat for?

From what I can gather from some of the questions asked, agree with 'Left' views or you are a 'right-winger' therefore dim.

Just another method at name calling by the 'nasty left'.


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i prefer to call it liberating them rather than relieving them, but enough of this lefty bolshevik socialist communist nasty talk.
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<<Are right-wingers a little dim?>>

Not necessarily. Clearly there are examples of people who support right-wing policies who are highly intelligent and those who are as thick as the proverbial short planks.

This piece of research suggests something rather different; that there is a correlation between below average intelligence and a propensity to support right wing parties and policies.
One possibility is they welcome the easily led while the right wing groups possibly look down on them and alienate them... certainly happens in feminist groups when you don't totally accept the party line as it were
is not that what the Ab Editor said in the second answer to this post ?
Indeed it does nescio - hadn't noticed.

Maybe answers that are as fundamental to the question as they are should be reiterated on every page :-)
All right wingers are dim
all dim things are right wing
therefore all the new lightbulbs are right wing
and socrates is mortal.
Load of nonsense! The EDL is far right, and is not representative of the majority of right wing voters. And incidentally, contrary to popular myth, the left does not hold a monopoly on concern for the welfare of others.
My view is that anyone who adopts either extreme right wing or left wing views is likedly to be someone who lacks the intellectual capacity form a sencible opinion by careful consideration of all the experience life brings.
Basically I'm saying 'stupidity' is not an exclusive prerogative of either the right or left wing, rather that stupidity tends to favor extremism.
^^ Exactly.
In a nutshell Eddie.
Why does this come into my head ?
Are Right-Wingers A Little Dim?

No, they are a lot dim.
^^ Charming!
Was Tim Dimbutnice a Tory voter, do you think? Don't suppose he's typical.
I think there is a semantic confusion between 'right-wing', 'conservative' and 'tory' here, if 'right-wingers' was substituted with 'reactionary' there would be little to disagree with. The extreme left seems to be as generously endowed with the intellectually challenged as the extreme right.
And there is, of course, the peerless:


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Are right-wingers a little dim?

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