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Is Egypt safe?

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anotheoldgit | 16:24 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | News
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In view of this latest kidnapping, would you agree or disagree that it is no longer safe to holiday in Egypt?


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probably not a wise thing to do at the moment.

have you ever been ?
Some parts would be okay.
Sharm and the Red Sea resorts are usually untouched by civil unrest. Luxor, Nile Cruises and Valley of Kings are probably ok (and largely staffed by Coptic Christians).

Cairo or any of the cities in the North could be risky but only intermittently.
Personally I think a visit to the Cairo Museum and The Pyramids is worth the risk.
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Isn't Sharm el-Sheikh one of the top tourist spots?
there are many top tourist spots in egypt.
Wasn't there a bomb attack aimed at tourists in Sharm not so long ago?

But this incident was about 70 miles inland in the middle of a National Park of mountains and desert tracks and not relevant to the tourist 'bubble' that is Sharm.

Might put a dent in their off-road excursion business!
Would not go...when there a few years back had to have armed escorts....not good...
there was also the luxor massacre.

that was 2005.

Luxor was 1997 and a lot has changed since then.

If one worried about things like that one would never go to New York, Canary Wharf or travel on the Tube.
88 dead according to this report from the BBC. But it was nearly 8 years ago.
I was in Egypt at the time of the Sharm bombing. My phone has never went so nuts.
i think i was last there in 2003 ish.

no trouble at all.
I'm very familiar with Egypt, but it seems sensible at the moment to stay out of the more remote regions. As Zeuhl says, Sharm is a tourist bubble - and that's all it is - so that should be okay.
It's as safe as the next place, if you're in a tourist resort, IMO. We were holidaying in South Tunisia the day the US bombed Libya in 1988 - now that felt scary. Days before mobile phones, no satellite TV - we just relied on a news bulletin in the hotel.
hi to you, yayayeit. Got anything to add?
has that user name got a geordie thing going?

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It`s the same in a lot of these places (Egypt, Kenya etc) if you stay in the tourist places or major cities there`s not too much problem (give or take the odd al qaeda bomb) but if you go wandering in remote areas you can be at risk.

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