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Are right-wingers a little dim?

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anotheoldgit | 13:23 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | News
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I wonder how many left-wing Daily Mail haters will agree wholeheartedly with this latest survey?

I also wonder for what side of the political spectrum these academics bat for?

From what I can gather from some of the questions asked, agree with 'Left' views or you are a 'right-winger' therefore dim.

Just another method at name calling by the 'nasty left'.


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''The study, published in Psychological Science, claims that right-wing ideology forms a 'pathway' for people with low reasoning ability to become prejudiced against groups such as other races and gay people.''
I think the more you think about diversity of the world around you the less likely you are to be prejeudiced against anyone, so yes I think, and have always done, that an awfiul lot of very right wing people are a sandwich short of a picnic as it were, because to me their thought process that led them to their bigotry was over simplistic and made no sense.
Doesn't this actually say that "thick" people are more likely to be right wing, rather than right wingers are likely to be "thick"?
Exactly, Ab Editor.
I think that both 'left' and 'right' rely on thick people to support them. (Un)fortunately this country has plenty of them.
As neither a 'left winger' or 'Daily Mail hater' - been a daily reader for more than thirty years - I do tend to concur with the findings, although of course it is wrong to generalise to broadly about any social experimental results.

I think the notion of 'order' found in right-wing philosophy can lead to the feelings of safety as opined in the feature, and the right does tend to lump groups of people into social or ethnic strata.

But I would fall short of suggesting that you needed to be of low intelligence to be right-wing - but on the basis of the appearence and actions of EDL - it obviously helps!
as per a post on that link:

"people of low intelligence are more prejudiced, ignorant and intolerant has nothing to do with your political loyalties ..."
Question Author
/// but on the basis of the appearence and actions of EDL - it obviously helps! ///

Once again Andy it may seem I am a EDL supporter, to some extent I am, although they are neither my mates or I am neither a member, to which I have often been falsely accused.

But casting aside the yobbo element amongst them, I have to support the stand that some of the ordinary right thinking members are taking against the rise of militant Islam in this country.

Just as some left protesters feel free to peacefully protest against capitalism, is there any reason why other groups can't peacefully protest on issues that concern them?
right wingers?.....the whole forward line at my club are thick....they cant find the net week in week
Sounds like nonsense to me. Will see if I can find the report itself a bit later and check out the methodology. But I'm more than a little sceptical that "innate intelligence" is actually much of a predictor of anything.
will you be joining them tomorrow in leicester on their 'peaceful' protest then ?

it seems all the pubs are choosing to stay closed.
But EDL protests are often not 'peaceful'
Question Author
I don't think you could get a cigarette paper between the two statements ED, or am I being 'Thick'?
you said it, AOG........and you are right wing.
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I should probably say that I do not consider myself remotely socially conservative (lest I be accused of bias), but alarm-bells are already ringing in my head by the rather arbitrary definition of 'socially conservative', and of the way that they seem to have quite happily linked 'social conservatism' with 'prejudice' (which I can well believe is tied to intellect).

"'Give law breakers stiffer sentences," is also by no means an exclusively right-wing statement.

Based purely on the information available in the Mail report, I think I smell bad science. But we can't really judge for certain til we've looked at the report itself.
Question Author

/// it seems all the pubs are choosing to stay closed. ///

No not likely, if I can't get my pint of Slater's Top Totty ale, then I'm not interested.
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Question Author

/// But EDL protests are often not 'peaceful' ///

And who can often be blamed for that?

9 times out of !0 it doesn't lay at the door of the EDL. mostly it is because other's do not want them protesting, in a free country.
Now you can take that as a generalisation or you can see if youcan find reflections in life.

The right wing in this country is all about self, what can I do for me, the cost of everything, the value of nothing.

The compasionate in this country are automaticaly labeled as left wing, even if their not, because they look outward not inward.

Does the phrase leftie do gooder ring a bell never heard of a righty do gooder.

I am quite sure there are just as many low IQ "lefties" how ever, in general it seems to me, a common thread for the right low brow seems to be they want to hurt people whereas the left want to help people.
free country yes, but there are limits.


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