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Is Morinio likely to be the next England Manager?

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rov1100 | 20:32 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | News
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Now that Capello has resigned


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I bet all the Spurs fans are hoping for that.
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Martin O'Neill for Manager.
blimey, i expected Capello and the FA to settle things
Mourinho has indicated that he is more than likely to leave Real in the summer.
The Daily Mail will never allow the next England Managership go to a Portugese. So we will end up with someone 3rd rate and the press can then scoff at our uselessness.
Oh please.... a manager with good english and great record and eye candy to boot... no chance
only if Redknapp says he doesn't want it. The tabloids have decided that everyone in England wants the next manager to be English so I think that leaves a shortlist of one.
Despite his pedigree and obvious ability, I don't think Mourinho's the man for the job simply because I think we need to think of the long game and I doubt he'd be too bothered about managing us for years, it'd be too much about him.

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Is Morinio likely to be the next England Manager?

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