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One change you would make

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Ric.ror | 10:27 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | News
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If you were prime minister for the day

I think I would introduce the age for service personnel to go on active (dangerous)service to over 25's - anyone under would be found other work to do


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I agree with you Lofftie - children dont learn these lessons at nursery - they learn them at home, with family and friends. They have to learn at nursery - because all family and friends are out working their socks off to pay for a roof over their heads and food on the table.

If I were PM for the day, I would round up all homeless people, give them a hot bath, good...
22:15 Sat 30th Jun 2012
It would seem that we can not send an illegal immigrant and Ex Taliban member back to Afghanistan, because it would be too dangerous for him.

Yet we can send our own young men out there to face danger.
I would tax all foreigners living abroad.

\\\\I would tax all foreigners living abroad.\\

Even "non UK" foreigners?
why not pull the lot out and let the heathens kill each other?
I'd introduce a law that our armed services were for use only in defending British territory and were not to be used in "defense of British interests overseas" which is the usual euphemism for fighting foreign wars
drugs test for averybody on benefits
I'd scrap the law that makes elderly people have to sell their homes to pay for nursing care, and scrap bankers' bonuses to pay for it.

I'd also outlaw blokes wearing their jeans drooping halfway down their backsides - looks ridiculous and will cause dreadful postural problems in years to come.
Oh, that's three changes, isn't it? Doh.
On that basis jake we would have allowed Germany to take over the whole of Europe in WWII and then waited until they landed in Dover before defending ourselves.

How about the Falklands , and the other small territories around the world, do you consider them British territory and worth defending ?
The people living there consider themselves British, are they to be given to any tin pot dictator.
How about the Commonwealth e.g Canada and Australia if they were to be attacked are we to say " You are on your own mate ! "
I would make hotel chocolat chocs free if your name is woofgang
If I ruled the world, I mean if I was PM, every day would be the first day of Spring...
"I would make hotel chocolat chocs free if your name is woofgang" OR Mazie
well......okay but no one else
Give everyone £8.04 to feed, clothe, pay utilities etc. for 24 hours - because that's how much benefit claimants under 25 actually get.
No Modeller Germany in WWII is an exact example of where we were defending the UK.

And you'll notice I said British Territory - so that would cover the Falklands too wouldn't it?

Nope the Commonwealth are their own countries they can look after themselves

You want to fight a war for Canada or Australia? Look where fighting one for the US has always got us!

Whilst people like you want us to be the world's policemen we'll continue to send our sons to die in stupid foreign wars that achieve nothing

/// Nope the Commonwealth are their own countries they can look after themselves ///

How would we have gone on when we stood alone during WW2, if the Commonwealth had took that same attitude?
Could my "one" thing be a tax shuffle?

Scrap inheritance tax & capital gains, flatten income tax to something high-ish and increase VAT for non essential goods.
I would bring back national service.

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