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US Elections

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AB Editor | 09:58 Mon 05th Nov 2012 | News
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  • Obama - 169 votes
  • 87%
  • Romney - 26 votes
  • 13%

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Clanad, this 16 trillion, all accumulated during the years of the Obama administration? Honestly?
I think Clanad the point is that you are placing a signicant weight on his not commemorating an event that happened 70 years ago which means absolutely nothing to huge numbers of your countrymen.

How many of the 45 million American Spanish speakers do you think give a damn about whether or not the Pesident goes to Normandy?
//Time will tell, Bazile, time will tell... but if you think this won't affect the UK (and the rest of the world) you need to reconsider after looking at the whole picture... //

Of course i know that some american government policy will impact the wider world .
Having listened and read what both candicates have said , my personal opinion is that I would rather have Obama as president , as opposed to Romney .
...and a significant number of American voters will feel the same, Bazile...

JTP... pont is, that reference was to only one aspect. It's quite clear Obama, being the radical he is, has no respect for U.S. history or exceptionalism. As to the Spanish speakers... there were quite a large number of the graves at Normandy that were filled by Spanish speaking young soldiers. Those events mean a great deal to most U.S. citizens, by the way. Don't they to Brits?

Ironically (being a Brit, you'll appreciate it) it was a Spanish (George Santayana) speaker who said "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it".
It's interesting that the United States de facto owners are having their "election" as well this week (the 8th) and very little about Xi Jinping is appearing in the Press, and nothing here.

Have met the man a few times when he was head of the Communist Party in Zhejiang and he is quite impressive......
Ooops... sorry for the oversight, sandy... here's a quote from an official source:
The national debt has increased from $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion, or 50 percent, since President Obama took office.

The national debt will increase from $16 trillion to $25.4 trillion in 2022, or 59 percent, under President Obama’s budget plans.

Every man, woman, and child in the United States owes more than $50,000 as his or her share of the national debt."
So clanad - will you or wont you be humming to the tune 'Hail to the Chief' , whoever wins ?
And I bet you think Obama is a socialist, Clanad ! And I suspect we have more knowledge of American politics than you, or any normal American would have of ours, simply because the United States matters and the UK doesn't.
No doubt about it Fred... and you'd be surprised just how important the UK and especially England is to the citizens of the U.S. Motherland and all... (to bad about the language though).
Well, Clanad, you Americans speak the English we have forgotten (including 'gotten') Today, the 5th of November, is Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night: he is why Americans call a man a guy, a long forgotten English jocular adoption of his name for a scruffy man (since an effigy of him, dressed in old clothes, is burnt on the bonfire) and thence for any man.

And supposed American words like 'faucet' for 'tap' are also English words, now obsolete here but which survived over there. Shame that you forgot 'fortnight' and 'nil' though and almost forgot 'nought'. preferring 'zero'. And as for pronouncing Z as 'zee'; you did change some things for no reason!
Ed - is there a category "couldn't care less" - we don't live in USA so it matters not to me.
..... 'we don't live in USA so it matters not to me'.

Ann - it's not that simple - it does matter to us in so many ways, I'm afraid.
And if anyone doubts that the US hasn't got anything as obvious or as simple as our putting X with a black crayon against the candidate's name:

The Washington Post has just reported that Florida's ballot paper stretches to six, long, double-sided pages, prompting the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections to remark , "The voter who sees this ballot the first time may need smelling salts" ("Smelling salts"? Blimey!)

Room for error there, and jobs for the lawyers!
And one wonders why they had problems with pre-voting in Florida, wait until tomorrow!
News flash: latest Washington Post - ABC poll shows likely voters have Obama leading Romney 50 - 47 per cent. Mind, that's the liberal press for you!
Clanad, the national debt climbed rapidly during the Reagan-Bush years, fell a little during the Clinton Presidency, and started to climb again during GW's spell in the White House, according to this graph.
When Obama came into office the entire financial world seemed to be close to meltdown. It would have been nothing less than miraculous if the debt hadn't rose during his first term in office.
One thing that's very noticeable is the way Obama's hair has 'greyed up' since he became president .

It reminds me of that Football manager in the world cup some years ago , whose hair went from being black to grey , over the course of the tournamant .

Does anyone remember him and what was his name ?
Clanad, nobody mentions G W Bush. Why is that? Reagan gets mentioned and he was long ago.Do you not blame parties, but only the incumbent, for policies over there, even when the President's can't be carried out because the opposition party in Congress blocks them?

From the innocent and ignorant standpoint of a Briton, who is only informed by the Economist and various American papers, it seems that the Romney line is to say "Forget that my policies were tried and got us into this mess , but notice that Obama has failed to get us out of it yet, so elect me so I can get us back where we were when they were tried last time and make a change for the worse". Obama has indeed not done as well as he might; the Economist certainly thinks so; but that seems a poor reason for preferring Romney. No doubt, Republicans will say that Reagan's policies were, or would have been, Romney's but that is debatable and true, if at all, of Reagan's time. Bush doesn't get a mention.

Sir, My I apologise to you most sincerely for the attitude of some of my fellow countrymen.

You must find it very strange that some don't find events such as the Normandy Landings as important as your countrymen appear to do.

But let me reassure you, it is only a small minority who appear not to be very patriotic, at least those that are on AnswerBank give that impression, especially when one's political views are opposite to theirs.

Nationwide, it is a fact that patriotism is not encouraged as it is in the USA. If one does show a love for one's country they are generally viewed a little suspect by some, and are likely to be falsely associated with Far-Right wing groups.

I apologise AB Editor, for the off track intrusion, but I considered Clanad deserved an apology for the treatment he has received on AnswerBank.
Well said, aog. Depends how you define 'patriotic ', I suppose. 'Unpatriotic' and 'Unamerican' are popular political insults in the US and it may just be that ABers on here sense petty political point- scoring in the example that was given, no more.

Here 'unpatriotic' is pretty meaningless, or indefinable, as is 'patriotic'. Calling one of us on here 'unpatriotic' means nothing in argument. The question should be whether the speaker is right or not, with evidence to support his or her argument. We may remember what Doctor Johnson said about patriotism, too.

But evidence of respect for this country's fallen is not hard to find. The silence before games at soccer grounds, being observed before Armistice Day, is universally and respectfully honoured.

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