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US Elections

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AB Editor | 09:58 Mon 05th Nov 2012 | News
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  • Obama - 169 votes
  • 87%
  • Romney - 26 votes
  • 13%

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During the last election, we were in France, and got talking to a group of Americans - one of which was imprisoned with John McCain, he declared that knowing of him and his behaviour in Vietnam he would rather die than vote for him.

We spent a week having some very interesting breakfast and dinner and after dinner drink conversations.
A US election may come as a surprise to a lot of Brits as to the other candidates on the Presidential card, then when you are in the polling booth, there are elections for some senators, congressmen/women, Mayors, Sheriff, Judges, Capt of Police etc.......You can see five or more cards that have to be punched/machine button chosen, pc chosen, the difference in voting systems quite dramatic in this day and age but reflecting the sanctity of the State and not the Federal system.
Has the hanging chad issue been safely put to bed? If the result's going to be as close as some are predicting this is a question that needs to be addressed.
4 more years!
Am not sure on that, sandy. Florida seems to have massive inconsistency though. Look at this for the variation of systems in use at county level!

Ohio uses chads.........and it could be crucial being the swing state that it always is. I'll look at Illinois next, the third of the big ones as to "effect"
DT, but only two that have chance of winning.
Question Author
"Why have you made this a two horse race?"

LOL. You're either being funny or have no clue how American politics works!
Question Author
(I assume it is the first!)
Didn't one of the minor candidates once act as a successful spoiler and take enough Democrat votes to give a Republican victory?
Too close to call.

Like the UK...95% of Americans are equally divided between Republicans and democrats, so it is only 5% that need to be influenced.

Talking to Americans, they have one great concern... Obamacare free NHS type medical care for all......and it's consequences. By and large those who vote Republican can afford private medical insurance....those who can't by and large vote Democrat.......BUT what do the deciding 5% think and who would they vote for?

The architects of ObamaCare are all world-renowned experts on the rationing of care in a collectivist model. Dr. Donald Berwick for example..

Berwick is one of the original architects of the rationing board for the British National Health Service, known as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, or by the Orwellian acronym NICE.

The British call it "tick-box" medicine, and it is deadly. In UK, tens of thousands of elderly and disabled each year are prematurely ushered to life's exit through the misuse of a palliative care protocol intended to be instituted only in the final hours of a patient's life.

Instead, physicians and hospitals are placing difficult-to-treat cases on the pathway, legally withholding food and water and medical treatment, thereby hastening death. The pathway is routinely used to cut costs and clear beds for incoming patients.

Moreover, according to a report in the British medical journal The Lancet, 42% of the time, this scenario plays out without permission or notification of families or even the patient.

The Americans are worried about will it affect that important group.....the 5% of undecided American voters?

Of course, there are many other issues.

I would not be surprised at a Romney victory.

/// My reasons AOG. I just equate Republicans with biggotted hypocritical bible bashing Americans. Sorry!! ;o) ///

No need to hold back Lottie :0)

But to be serious though, don't you also take the risk of being called a 'Bigot' by that over generalisation?
Illinois also largely computerised - there is concern being expressed in the States as to potential hacking attacks (which apparently Costa Rica and Mexico have experienced) and then there is an issue in NY and Jersey as to whether extend voting in Sandy-affected counties into Wednesday. That probably isn't so much an issue as these states traditionally return the Democrat nominee, however it may bring about the age-old issue of knowing the East Coast vote impacts on the results in California/Alaska/Hawaii/Washington/Oregon etc....
I am being perfectly serious Ed - there are other party candidates on the polling cards.
(yes as to the reality of the election, em, but it is a misconception, brilliantly highlighted by the Ed it appears, that it is merely a two horse race).
Well at this point six have voted for Romney, it would be interesting to know why they have?

Come on guys don't be shy.
for the record and Ed note,

Ed may not know but I have lived in the USA and still regularly visit - and have even been in an election booth, perhaps an illegal act, but the returning officer was an old school teacher of my ex, so I have seen the old-fashioned bells and whistle lever counting machines that her State then used and the polling cards - and chads collected as an output for recounts.

Actually, I find Ed's 10.55 comment somewhat offensive.
\\\actually, I find Ed's 10.55 comment somewhat offensive.\\

DT....I am with you 100%........whichever "Ed" we are talking about can and has been offensive in my opinion, but it is his ball, so he can choose whoever he wants to play with it.

However, you will get very little support on this site.......I guarantee.
True Sqad, but we can register our objections, pedant though I maybe as to the "facts".......I may have "voted" one of the minority parties, given a choice of all the candidates.
As to AOG's request, I think that it would be along the lines of (i) economic performance (ii) the size of their national debt (iii) wishy washy leadership as to home issues and even foreign ones (iv) position as to Medicare - which is a major emotive issue and dividing line in the States (v) the traditional "smaller government and taxes" arguments - and a combination thereof.
bet Cameron dreams of a poll result like that

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US Elections

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