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ah, that all-important clothing item - I expect to see more threads on that tomorrow!

Meanwhile, good on Joe Public for grabbing them.
haha the DM had to point out twice in that story that 'one of them was wearing a burka'
If anybody wants a reason why the DM is so derided, then they need look no further than this article. As Booldawg has pointed out, the DM felt it pertinent to mention that one of these people was wearing a burka. But no mention what the other was wearing. Even if he was wearing a bright yellow hat, it is doubtful if the DM would think it important enough to include in their reportage.

As Alice use to say, curiouser and curiouser.
it's on the BBC news, and there appeared to be more than the two individuals, did you look at the pictures of the mess in the shop, reports indicated that 6 people wielding axes smashed the cabinets up, glass all over the place. The two men, and who honestly has ever seen a woman in a burkha in Britain riding a moped, got caught, good for the members of the public, time more stood up and were counted.
Well it is the DM!
Question Author
Yes pleased they caught them!
if you want to bash the DM fine, but as i already pointed out in made news elsewhere, seeing as how this was a violent crime, in the centre of London
I was merely pointing out the essential racism in the DMs approach to this story. The issue of whether one of them was wearing a burka was neither here nor there. It was included so that the readers of the DM could reinforce their hackneyed views on modern Britain. The DM is preaching to its own converted.
so if a guy walks into bank wearing one, face covered, then holds the place up, it wouldn't be newsworthy. Why shouldn't any news media mention it, don't you think it odd that a man on a moped is wearing one, not customary i would have thought.
Question Author
I only started this thread as it was Selfridges and I have loved every minute of watching the Mr Selfridge TV drama recently and just lurved the actor who played Mr Selfridge - was it Jeremy Piven?

I certainly did not mean it to turn into a racist thread.
from the BBC link,

Matthew Carrozo, from east London, said he later heard the moped crashing just under a mile away from Selfridges and saw one man dressed in full motorcycle gear while a second man dressed in a burka fell on to the ground.
In defence of the Daily Mail, it said the other had his face concealed by his motorbike helmet. If the burkha one had been wearing a clown's mask, then I am sure they would have reported that. It is more sinister to deliberately omit details.

That is not to say that this incident supports a ban on burkha wearing. Criminals dress in various disguises, Santas, masks etc and that doesn't and shouldn't bring about a ban on those outfits and items.
it hasn't, but some seem to think it's always the DM, no it isn't, it's news, and reported in other news media.
From the Guardian's Report...
// He said one man was dressed in full motorcycle gear while a second man dressed in a burka had been on the back of the moped, and fell to the ground. //

However, I suspect DM readers will reach a different conclusion on the incident, than Guardian readers.
gromit, if you looked at the link or the copied piece i put, then see it's the same.
It never happened in Mr Selfridge's day. :0)

/// I was merely pointing out the essential racism in the DMs approach to this story. ///

Oh so it is now 'racism' to report that one of the crooks wore a burka, do any of you realise how pathetic you are, in your everlasting quest to have a dig at the Daily Mail?

The Daily Mail was only reporting the unusual facts, would they have been also wrong in some way if they had reported that one of the crooks was wearing a clown's outfit or that one was male and the other female?

And I am equally sure they would have reported it if they had worn balaclavas with the letters EDL printed on them.
"I was merely pointing out the essential racism in the DMs approach to this story."

that sums up people like you and your PC riddled brain, they stated a fact and you see it as racism
The escape vehicle was a Mo.........
I would certainly consider banning the burka in this country, and I am too long in the tooth to worry about being called a racist (such an overworked, now an obsolete word in my dictionary) or a bigot.

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