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The Next Prime Minister

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AB Editor | 09:38 Fri 07th Jun 2013 | News
37 Answers

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  • None Of The Above - 42 votes
  • 42%
  • Ed Miliband - 25 votes
  • 25%
  • David Cameron - 22 votes
  • 22%
  • Nigel Farage - 9 votes
  • 9%
  • Nick Clegg - 1 vote
  • 1%

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Question Author
"Also, incidentally, if Cameron did win the next election, he surely wouldn't be the 'next' Prime Minister? So even if you think he'll win, you still logically can't select him in the above poll... "

I understand you point, but I think you know what is meant :)

This generation of politicians is very uninspiring. Although I do like Clegg in parts (and I don't mean in the "pulled apart by wild horses" way... )
well I put none of the above because Cameron is already the PM so I assumed that you meant the next person to hold the post.
Question Author
"none of the above" looks a bit silly when it is at the top :)
Anybody but the Tory rich boys!
it doesn't matter who you vote for. whoever gets in will have made loads of promises that they cannot - or have no intention of - keeping.

you might as well vote for a baboon. when he says "I'm gonna show my red bottom off to the camera", you'll know it's a promise he can keep.
great, mushroom will there be a candidate for the baboon party in all constituancies? I'm Basically a Tory but I can't stand the sight of our current leadership and Labour offer me nothing so I'm hoping for a new force to emerge.
The question was 'Who will be PM ?' Not who do you want. ?

At the moment Labour is still not credible so it looks like another small Tory majority , which means some sort of coalition or a minority government and in the absence of an obvious contender it's bound to be DC.
I think em 10's // road to Damascus moment // could apply to EM as well .
He has already admitted Labour got it wrong and is currently adopting Tory proposals. In addition if he could stop being the mouthpiece of the unions and started to support the real Working Class and not the false benficiaries. He could be the next PM.
blue toffee //Anybody but the Tory rich boys! //
WWould you swop them for your rich Labour boys. ?
wot no Boris?????
i wouldn't vote for him if he was last man standing, as to draconian, perhaps, but honestly if you want to get some sense back into politics, life, then we need to ditch the EU forthwith. They won't, Cameron won't, they know which side their bread is buttered. After their day in the sun, and it's expired, they will retire to Tuscany or some lucrative bolthole, while the rest of us drown.
I have no view on Boris, just asking why he wasn't in the list?
Seeing how low Mr Farage is in this Poll, can we now stop stalking about him please !
This may seem terribly obvious but we don't and can't vote for anybody to be Prime Minister in Britain. We get a chance, every 5 years or so, to vote for a Party, not a person. For instance, nobody voted Clegg in as Prime Minister but there he is, Deputy Prime Minister. If Cameron were to be ousted by his own party before 2015, we will have a new Tory Leader, who will assume the role of Prime Minister. My guess is that if that scenario were to occur, Boris would probably be in Number 10, again without being elected by anybody other than his own constituency.

Are the people who participated in this AB Poll saying that they think that we won't have a Prime Minister at all after May 2015 ?
william hauge
William Hague ? Didn't he have a go at this years ago and failed miserably ?
Sir, you have disappointed us!
We had intended you to be the next Prime Minister but three. The stocks were sold, the Press was squared, the Middle Class was quite prepared. But, as it is...My language fails. Go out and govern New South Wales!

[Cautionary Tales: Lord Lundy. Hilaire Belloc]

That's a more interesting question. Not who is next, but who is shaping to be the leading candidate further on. Neither Cameron nor Milliband looks likely to last long, as PM or not. Boris is an obvious Tory candidate, but if not him, who? And who have Labour got?

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The Next Prime Minister

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