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Should There Be A Type Of Colour Bar In Athletics?

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anotheoldgit | 13:20 Mon 25th Apr 2016 | News
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Both male and female London marathon winners were Kenyan, but nothing unusual in that, since most wining athletic runners seem to be of African decent.

This goes on for me to ask this very controversial question, should there be separate sporting completions for blacks and whites.

Before most of you go off on one, just think about it, we would not think of placing males and females together, athletes with physical disabilities against those with none, and certain drugs to enhance performance are rightly not allowed.

So why are blacks who obviously outshine whites in such physical activities allowed to compete against whites on what should be after all a fair and level playing field.



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Sqad - Seem to recall black swimmers cannot point their feet as well as white swimmers, putting them at a disadvantage. No doubt there are individual exceptions.

///When it comes to daft questions who should know better than the likes of you?
I have been reading some of your gems, for example who would push a tampon up one's nose to curb a nose bleed?///

Just for info. AOG
//I have been reading some of your gems, for example who would push a tampon up one's nose to curb a nose bleed? //

Anyone who has taken part in emergency frontline firstaid!
Arrods.....LOL. you may well be correct.
yeah and a colour bar in the NHS !
what another good idea

each bed in a black hospital will have around 10 nurses
and each bed in a white one will have a telephone line to Oz and new sealand and nothing else

another belter from AOG ! Great Idea !
10/1 AOG exits the thread.........
Yeah and buses

lots of buses in Breexton and none in the rest of London

I really will have listen to the pensees of AOG with more attention
Question Author
Peter Pedant

I have not suggested a ban on black athletes as you suggest, so that you can play the usual racist card.

Please read the 3rd paragraph of my question.


How about a haemoglibin/red blood cell count handicap system?

Or get all non-Kenyan marathoners to live in Kenya, once they've finished school?

What about leg length categories?

Tampons have several uses and are just not for monthlies......nosebleeds are just one use and Mountain Death Crews often carry two or three in their bags along with tights (a brilliant invention as there's a 101 uses for them, as well as paperclips, safety pins etc etc.....

As to the question to hand, it borders on decency as where do you make the cut off, the handicap so to speak.....Not workable.
Question Author

/// What about leg length categories? ///

Wasn't there once some controversy over the lengths of prosthetic-limbs or Blades?
How about allowing the non black atheletes to take performance enhancing preparations .
That will even it up
''Before most of you go off on one,'' - Good Grief AOG, you should know better than to S-Stir like this.
I am amazed that this daft thread is still going on !
Perhaps white athletes should train a bit harder like Paula Radcliffe did!
I know Mikey when even the OP tries to steer it off course by mentioning tampons - you kinda know the thread is going nowhere!! !
Tampons feature in Protection Officers extensive F.A. Kit. Primarily to plug bullet entry wounds although the useage would indicate a faiure on behalf of the officer unless he dives in front of his Principle and offers himself as a bullet catcher :-(
Hey the haemophilia - HIV thread
has anyone suggested that if the ahtletes Haemoglobin is too high ( shows blood doping ) then they a re forcibly bled down to a sensible level for their race ( I will leave you to decide whether than is Kenyan or 10k ) like 10 g.100 and the blood taken is given to someone who needs it like the Haemophiliac !

that hasnt already been suggested has it
if it has - gt minds think alike

yeah an now a joke coming up - a good one liner

and yeah if all this is successful, then we could extend the colour bar to the Police - oops sorry there is one there already !

sorry I only put that in to enrage retrocop
The tampon sideline

it doesnt have to be a used one does it ? ter - dsaaaah !

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Should There Be A Type Of Colour Bar In Athletics?

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