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How Do You Think The Referendum Vote Will Go?

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AB Editor | 11:08 Mon 06th Jun 2016 | News
107 Answers

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  • Out - 179 votes
  • 63%
  • In - 107 votes
  • 37%

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S.O.T. Oldest of 13 children. Down the coalmine at 16. All my family worked (male and female) and never stole or claimed "dole". Hard honest life, but something to be proud of. Why would I let the likes of the shysters who have sneaked into a control position take that heritage away. You stay in France, Britain become stronger again without the mind set that you represent.
Togo, you don't have any idea what 'mindset' I represent, You think I represent a mindset because your blinkered thinking only gives you that choice.
So wrong again. My thinking is eyes wide open, just because your narrow eyes have only one perspective blinds you to the fact that some of us can see through the smoke and mirrors and think for ourselves. You prefer to live in France, that's fine I cannot begrudge you your choice. Some of us prefer to be in Great Britain. You selfish view is obvious.
I think it will be close and I did think it would be "In" but I`m starting to change my mind. A friend of mine who is an 'outer' said she will be dreading looking at the news on 24th June. I`ll be in a time zone - 5 hours so it will be all over by the time I turn on the TV
The fact you bracket working class people with criminals tells me everything I need to know about you, jom.
For Togo and Jomifl;
I will be voting out but think the rest of the voters will opt to stay in
The politics of fear and everything........
Svejk, I don't 'bracket' the working classes with criminals. A few people seem to have leapt to the erroneous conclusion that because I live in France I somehow have never met a working class British person. The fact of the matter is as I have stated earlier, that many of the working class people amongst whom I lived were criminals and it is nothing to do with my 'mindset' but unavoidable reality. Some 'criminals' are decent people, some 'pillars of society' are crooks. Then there are conmen like Farage who will be your best mate down the pub then steal your civil rights behind your back.
Togo, yup that's me damned selfish, selfishly worked all my adult life, selfishly never went on the dole, selfishly avoided crime and drugs, selfishly live in France in a house that I selfishly paid for out of my own earnings. I get on very well with all the other selfish people in my village, but then I would do because we are all so bloody selfish...
Khandro, thanks for that , makes me realise what I missed not being born down a coal mine.
@jomifl....I shall Not say any more to you after this posting because you appear to be talking from the wrong end of your anatomy.

Thankyou for that hans, I really had no idea that you were part of this discussion. Perhaps some intelligent contributions would have brought you to my attention. It seems that the brexiters have found a common denominator and are intent on using it.
Well on here at least, the 'outs' are winning!
@jomifl....No comment.

Hans., they are not. They are making much more noise, which isn't the same thing at all.
Mikey, did you read what jambutty said - and have you checked the figures? Cleary not.
"In" if this country has any sense and is not overrun by emotional, thick Daily Mail worshipers.
...I would be interested to see how many ABers vote "out", my guess is most because I think this site is overrun by irrational nationalistic right-wingers.
Quite a few people who I would have thought would vote out have told me they're voting in.
I think the UK might still be in.

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How Do You Think The Referendum Vote Will Go?

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