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President Trump's Wall

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AB Editor | 09:09 Thu 01st Sep 2016 | News
58 Answers

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  • No, because Hillary Clinton will be president. - 108 votes
  • 77%
  • No, but Trump will still be president. - 24 votes
  • 17%
  • Yes! And Mexico will pay for it. - 4 votes
  • 3%
  • Yes! And the USA will pay for it. - 4 votes
  • 3%

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The firewall stopped all that from coming through Ed!
I placed my vote and its not working ;-(
Me too !
It takes a few minutes to update.
It is customaryto provide a link to news events, especially foreign news.
Question Author

You can have this one Gromit:
Trump gets more unhinged as time goes on !
Cheers Mikey.

The problem for Trump is that he just doesn't do 'soft'.This lack of subtlety will not enable him to reach out to the millions of people he needs for votes.

He will come up short on the day of reckoning.
Question Author
I hear that a great deal AGC - but maybe that's underestimating the discomfort in the general populace?
"It is customaryto [sic] provide a link to news events, especially foreign news."

Yeah, ABEd, don't you know the rules of this site?!?!?!!!1!!!!

The difficulty here for Trump is that he appears to consider all the screaming and whooping that results from his rantings as more support.

But it isn't more....its just the same support but much louder, every time.
He has definitely cornered the available Stopid Vote but there just aren't enough Stopid votes in America for him to win in a few weeks time.

To be fair to him, he has started to seem more reasonable of late, in the hope that people will forget his past utterances. But then he goes and ruins it all by the sort of performance that he gave yesterday in Arizona !

The Republican Party must be tearing its hair out in frustration ! They have chosen the wrong person, yet again, and now face another 4-8 years in the political wilderness as a result.

They only have themselves to blame I'm afraid and I have no sympathy with them at all.
No, regardless of who ends up president.
I see Trump is an AB member.

C. Yes! And Mexico will pay for it.
5.56% (1 vote)
OG....I expect that 5.26% was the Stopid Vote !
I think we should be more concerned about 'the wall' nature has thankfully provided the UK with.
I don't sea your point AOG.
A friend of mine who has just returned to the UK after living for 30 years in, America told me that the East coast and the West coast don't want Trump, but that it is the Stoopid middle of, America, that does.

What is the Stopid Vote?

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President Trump's Wall

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