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Who Won The Debate?

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AB Editor | 08:55 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | News
81 Answers

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  • Hillary Clinton - 77 votes
  • 70%
  • Draw - 17 votes
  • 15%
  • Donald Trump - 16 votes
  • 15%

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//My American cousin says that Clinton will win even if she doesn't win.//

What - like the famous Florida election ( chad ) recount of 2000 ?
I'm not necessarily sure that "polls" like that are so useful, as they are opt-in rather than sampled by the polling company as a (hopefully) representative sample.

As a case in point, here's a recent poll from the Telegraph on Brexit:

As I type the figures have balanced out rather, but early on in the polling the option "I'd really rather we remained" was topping something like 70% or so of the vote. Do you believe this is a representative sample? Of course not, and nor should you. But some pro-EU groups saw the poll and took the opportunity to express their opinion and get friends and acquaintances to do so too -- weighting the pill heavily in favour of the participants.

Bad sampling gives bad results. I'm not saying Trump didn't win the debate, but online polls hosted by news site where you opt in are the most meaningless form of survey ever and deserve to be binned.
Trump !
If Trump said he lost the debate you can be sure he lost the debate.

Only seen about 15 mins of it, one thing is certain, America is the loser
Via bbc news. Trump said his microphone was not working properly and the questions were unfair, he claims victory in the debate .
^^ I saw that, the biggest TV event in the history of the USA and he says his microphone was not working????? !!!! . Did it alter his answers??
Its not that Hilary won this debate....Trump lost it. He had plenty of opportunity to make good, sensible debating points, but he just ranted, as usual.

The Polls might indeed say that they are getting closer, but I would still say that there aren't enough stopid people left in America to vote Trump in. It will take more than the semi-educated and red-necks to do that.

For instance, look what the Polls say about the black and Hispanic vote....Trump has repeatedly insulted them and now they worn't vote for him.
doesn't mean they'll vote for Clinton, though, mikey.
The margins for Clinton are currently razor-thin. The problem she faces basically is that she's possibly the second most unpopular candidate in history (from the two main parties) -- behind only Donald Trump himself. It sets things up for an election where both candidates are struggling to appeal to the undecided voters or to the middling majority. Low turnout possibly favours Trump as there's no doubt who inspires his supporters more loudly.

But the debate may help to settle things down. If Clinton manages to present herself as basically the "I take this seriously" candidate, allowing Trump's style to show him in a bad light, then the TV debates could kill off his chances among the undecideds. But let's not kid ourselves that Trump has no chance or even just a very small one.
Trump by just a nose, a very sniffley one at that.
Trump was only holding back because he didn't want to embarrass Clinton. He was definitely the winner

he says

I tried watching it - and gave up. I don't know who won.
The absolute minimum I require in my oddly coiffed presidential hopefuls is the ability to form a sentence and carry it through to the end without getting distracted.
I note that Trump is blaming everyone, from the interviewer, to Google. Hardly the stance of a man who believes he won.
Still haven't watched it but read the transcript instead. No idea if that's a better experience or not but it was still revealing. You can see, for example, Trump's habit of trying to talk over anyone and everyone in an exchange late on when the moderator and Trump were discussing his early position on the war in Iraq, and Trump basically refused to let Lester Holt ask his question. Or his boorish "Wrong!" interruptions, even an "ugh" at one point.

I could go on dissecting it but perhaps it's best not to spend too much time doing that. Instead I'll stick to this delightful exchange:

"HOLT: Why is your judgment -- why is your judgment any different than Mrs. Clinton's judgment?

TRUMP: Well, I have much better judgment than she does. There's no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has, you know?


The audience stopped taking Trump seriously at the end. I wonder if that feeling will have extended to the rest of the American people.
Jim, //The audience stopped taking Trump seriously at the end. I wonder if that feeling will have extended to the rest of the American people. //

Don't hold your breath. According to many media reports there are a lot of people out there keeping their cards close to their chests. The secret voters.
Yes, you may be right. Although Trump supporters are actually not all that quiet usually. But I'm under no illusions that Trump can no longer win based on Monday's performance, or anything like that. I *hope* it exposed him as a lightweight after all, but there's still over a month to go before the actual vote.
It will make interesting watching, Jim.

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