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Sam Allardyce

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vernonk | 08:58 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | News
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He was never the right man for the job anyway, was he?


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just further evidence if it were needed that the game completely bent.
Well we definitely know that now!

The game is bent from the very top down TTT.
he's the team manager rather than the FA boss; he ought to be judged on results, though it looks as though he won't be.
Whilst I think he is a dinosaur and the wrong man for the England job, I am not sure he has done anything wrong here.

- He has rubbished Hodgeson. Well so has virtually every other Englishman, myself included.
- He was offering consultancy for a fee. Well that's very enterprising of him. Nice work if you can get it.
- He told how the transfer rules can easily be by-passed. And everyone else who has been a manager knows the same trick. It is within the rules so, so what?
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