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Who Won The Debate?

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AB Editor | 08:55 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | News
81 Answers

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  • Hillary Clinton - 77 votes
  • 70%
  • Draw - 17 votes
  • 15%
  • Donald Trump - 16 votes
  • 15%

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O god there are no real life characters to vote for like
Roland Rat or
Sam Allardyce ....

the pundits are saying he ran out of Trumpery after 30 mins
having said beforehand that preparing for a 90 a min debate was a bit girlie

saying " I will release my tax returns against lawyers advice when SHE releases the 30 000 emails she has deleted " makes me screw my little hands up at the screaming non sequitur ( she cant release emails she has deleted ) but could be muzak to the ears of the average AB reader
I didn't watch it. Is my son correct in saying that Trump said he'd release his tax returns if Clinton released her medical records. She did release her medical records so now he's saying if she reveals the deleted emails?
What's wrong with Clinton deleting her emails? No one wants 30,000 of them clogging up the inbox.
Trumper, too sure of himself, Clinton very positive, I doubt she will loose she rattled Trumper off a couple of times.
emails on the clip I saw

and no I didnt stay for the whole 90 mins - on teevee at 12 45 today apparently.- I thought 90 mins was a rather large chunk of my life altho I could also pass the time knitting a string dishcloth.....
Aren't they private ones as well?
Depends on how they were deleted. Quite often things people think are deleted are not.

Overall Trump probably came out best if only for the fact the bar was considerably lower for him.

Personally I dont find these very useful at all. Very good Presidents and leaders from the past would not have made it if they were put on the public stage for a popularity contest like this.
Some emails should not be deleted, sometimes legally.
Although deleted, they can be recovered if there is a reason to, If H.C.Is hiding something.
I would expect Clinton had her drive forensically deep cleaned to prevent recovery..she is a smart cookie !!
mm...does that cost more than just jet washing?
I heard someone refer to the way Trump talks as being akin to a merchant in a souk! That made me laugh.

He does tend to preface his points with things like 'Let me tell yah ... let me tell yah ...' which to me is the hallmark of someone who is not only fond of the sound of their own voice, but someone who is used to using that voice a lot to fill the vacuum created by the fact that no-one in the vicinity is ever going to say anything to contradict what's coming, and is unlikely to say anything at all.

What would concern me about Trump as President is that he come over like Margret Thatcher did - increasingly so towards the end of her term - he understands opposition, but he doesn't understand dissent.

Trump can butt heads with someone who diametrically opposes his views, he can't understand someone who agrees with part of a point, but wants to discuss other parts, and that would make him immune to advice, which is an essential for anyone in a position of authority.
Couldn't help but notice that Clinton didn't put up much of a fight on the 'Birther' issue.

Seems her team were the original people to question Obama's nationality.
Was it a debate or a slanging match?
.// Depends on how they were deleted. Quite often things people think are deleted are not. //

some deletions just rip off the tag ( eml )
my employer had the annoying habit of reading our emails, but .....

erase those embarassing emails on your drive with this

I think they have been over her hard drive
n it is well weeded...well !
If repeating 'Mexico' and 'China' count then Trump won.

Otherwise the odd looking woman took it.
Trump according to all but 3 of the various polls deemed important in the US. Clinton thinks the birther issue and trumps taxes are more important Than jobs security and economy. So that's why the people didn't think she won it.
The Clinton emails were beached using a highly sophisticated and thorough programme that was over the top and suspiciously unneccessary if I was just about her daughters wedding. I cant spel unnecessary
And its the FBI who have the emails from the SECURE sender.

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