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// You clearly don't understand how the American system works. There is nothing inherently illegal about "executive orders". All presidents use them.//

If presidents issue executive orders which are unlawful they will be litigated - honestly we have had all this before ( many times ) nixon tried saying in 1973 that exec orders were above the law ( not justiciable in technical terms - the judges fond they were )

this gives rise to the rather obvious statement the president has to obey the law OR the president is not above the law

this is not rocket science - we worked this one out in the 1600s
( King James VI and I not above the law - I cant remember the case)

I suspect he's a lot smarter than his AB detractors.
If he did nothing, when there's another terrorist attack(and there will be) Obama's insurgents, the anti-Trump press and even his own supporters would question why he'd done nothing.
Now, he can, justifiably, point the finger at others.
He could tell everyone to leave America. That probably wouldn't happen of course but at least if there was another attack he could justifiably point the finger at others.

Far better to come up with an acceptable plan in the first place of course, but hey-ho...

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