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May's Brexit EU National Offer

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AB Editor | 09:03 Mon 26th Jun 2017 | News
22 Answers

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How would you describe Theresa May's offer to EU nationals living in the UK?

  • Fair and Generous - 64 votes
  • 50%
  • Not Generous Enough - 20 votes
  • 16%
  • Not Fair For British Nationals - 19 votes
  • 15%
  • Too Generous - 18 votes
  • 14%
  • Not Fair For EU Nationals - 7 votes
  • 5%

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How about fair but neither generous nor mean ?
If we knew what it was we could perhaps decide. Link?
what has she offered? I cannot find anything about it.
In fairness one shouldn't start negotiations from a decent offer, as a hard nosed opposition will refuse to be reasonable and try to grab unfair advantage. Would have been wiser to start from a position of, "You can have all you citizens back regardless", and concede up to the reasonable position you wanted to offer in the first place.
...all your ...
As &+-_+-_7- typed !
At the moment it seems generous. Unless of course we already offer other nationals from non EU states the opportunity to be treated eaqually with British citizens after five years.
it's common sense and I hope both sides will not play politics with peoples lives. Surely a reciprocal arrangement must be the way to go.
TTT, one would think so. But unless the EU winds its neck in it won't happen as simply as that.

The UK government simply cannot be allowed to sell our own citizens down the Swann just to get a deal for other nationals.
Cassa,it won't happen unless she gets a reciprocal agreement.

Let's hope so Danny, but even so if they do turf our nationals out of Europe, I can't then see us reciprocating by throwing all their nationals out of the UK, they can't even get rid of the illegal ones we have now.

The EU may have a hissy fit over the fact we have left their utopian vision but in reality they'll not want to have EU citizens in the UK suffer any more than the UK ones in the EU so really it's a no brainer to do a reciprocal deal and get on to the stuff that is more tricky to decide.
I’m sure I saw a report a few days ago when she said people who had been here 5 years or longer would be OK.

I think the proviso should be ‘as long as they are supporting themselves financially.’
Would a self employed Big Issue seller supplementing their meager income with Family Credits fall into that category?
Anyone claiming benefits isn’t supporting themselves financially.
But would it mean UK citizens taking other citizenship? Say French or Spanish?

And would they, and the EU nationals here get to have duel nationality?
It shouldn't be taken in isolation. What are the 27 offering to our nationals living in their countries? We should have a reciprocal, and mutually beneficial, agreement. What's hard?
No doubt we will be shafted but the EU Nationals will get everything.

Well at least JC will be happy.
JC Glastonbury superstar.
// really it's a no brainer to do a reciprocal deal and get on to the stuff that is more tricky to decide.//

Progress, we seem to be accepting that some stuff will be tricky to decide.

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May's Brexit EU National Offer

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