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maggiebee | 11:42 Fri 04th Jan 2019 | News
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700 people died last year sleeping rough on the streets.

70 people have tried to cross the channel to the UK since November 2018

Guess which one @sajidjavid is calling a crisis?


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Are you saying 700 people have died sleeping rough on the streets since November 2018? Really? Link please.
yes, I think Javid needs a better sense of proportion. What words will he have left to describe something genuinely critical - another tower block burning down, another terrorist attack? Or indeed, the rise in crime that mysteriously seems to have followed the fall in police numbers?

Or as you say the drip-drip of people dying on the streets?
//Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, has announced the Government will support reforms to England’s anti-homelessness laws and strengthen councils’ duties to stop people ending up on the street//
Maggiebee, //Almost 100 people have been intercepted by both British and French authorities while attempting to reach the UK since Christmas Day//

That’s in just over a week. Should we ignore it – and the rest that will doubtless follow?
ladybird, maggiebee said "last year"
Question Author
No Ladybirder, I said last year. Will try to get the link.
A good observation. And death is the extreme end of the spectrum. A lot of suffering for people in poverty in every town and city.
Perspective: 5,000 children worldwide die every day from malnutrition and related causes.
So you did mb, thanks.
Question Author
Numbers appear to be even higher than I originally said.
Maggiebee, would you answer my question please?
Question Author
Agree Canary, but this is the UK in the 21st century and we are apparently one of the richest countries in the world!
The second one?

Now I have had a guess, what is your point?
Question Author
Unlike you Naomi I don't spend every minute of the day on AB. However, in answer to your question I do not doubt your figures. Desperate people use desperate means. Do you really think that parents would put their children at such risk if they weren't desperate? What we need is a strategy to deal with this "problem".
I think what maggie is saying is that if we let illegal immigrants flood unhindered into the country there'll be more housing available for the homeless.
Maggiebee, //Unlike you Naomi I don't spend every minute of the day on AB. //

If you're not here on a very regular basis, how do you assess how much time I spend here? Let's leave the personal stuff out, shall we?

These people are not desperate. They're coming from a safe place. They choose to put themselves at risk.

//What we need is a strategy to deal with this "problem". //

Which problem? The homeless or the migrants?
Question Author
Sorry Naomi, not rising to your bait.
Nor me to yours - clearly. Could you answer my question please.
"Desperate people use desperate means. "

yup, theyll do anything to get to our free, housing, health, education etc etc
Question Author
Yep CallMeDawg - we have so many benefits to give away that our own people are dying on the streets!

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