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I can never understand the need for a separate association at all.
racist? don't know, but it's rather odd that she was charged under laws intended for paedophiles and put on a register for sex offenders, when she is neither. she had unlawful images but this needs to be viewed in the context of the reason for it.

the judge even had to improvise a sentence because there was no guidelines or precedent. I'm hoping the sentencing remarks will be published so we can get more context but I doubt they will.
Anotheoldgit - "Well They Would Say That Wouldn't They?"

If the Met had been 'discreet' as the BPA would of liked then there would be one holy row about police cover ups and favouring their own. It would appear that all three of the defendants were incapable of lying straight in bed.She has been found guilty and will receive a heavy financial penalty (Loss of a Superintendent's Pension)Any other mortal would be banged up and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.
It's about time the BPA were investigated for their 'impartiality' in these affairs.
I recall a former Senior Officer who was the one time chairman of the BPA. He was as corrupt as hell and ended up doing time.
There is no need for a BPA. The Police Federation represent ALL ranks up to Inspector regardless of race, colour or creed. ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) represent ranks above Inspector regardless of race,colour or creed.
Families, eh.
what does the white police officers association say?
Surely, if membership of the BPA is predicated on colour alone then it is a racist organisation, similarly the Black Teachers Association etc. If there can't be organisations for other hues, then why should they be treated differently?
I can see a reason why this officer is in court, but I can't see a reason why anyone would think that she has been treated this way because of the colour of her skin.

The judgement and regard for the law in an officer of such seniority is called into serious question, because she is a high ranking police officer, not because she is black.

People need to question how any of the parties came to be in possession of such images, and why they would feel the need to share them, rather than report them.
What does the White Police Officers Association say - Oh we arent allowed to have one - isnt that racist
one of the great mysteries of our time zebo.
And slightly off topic ,Why’s there MOBO ( Music of Black Origin) whilst I love a lot of the above, there’s no award ceremony for Music of white there?
It's as outrageous that there should be such an association at all, just as it would be to have a 'White Police Association'.
Bobbi - // And slightly off topic ,Why’s there MOBO ( Music of Black Origin) whilst I love a lot of the above, there’s no award ceremony for Music of white there? //

I have always thought it is a nonsense, if you trace back far enough, ALL music is music of black origin!!
I feel sorry for her. This prosecution seems unnecessary.
Mmmmm That's interesting Spicey.
Exactly Andy, I like all genres of music and I’m sometime surprised if I see the ‘original’ who’s usual a black singer, Presley learnt his trade from black singers so why make an award ceremony For it only, is really daft imho
I think just the fact that there is an organisation called 'The Black Police Association' says it all !!
But the Daily Wail has always been the most racially biased 'Newspaper' in Britain !
I'm not sure what the Daily Mail has to with this case other than trying to deflect from the real topic.

This lady went to Court and was found Guilty. Are the BPA trying to say she is innocent? If not just what exactly is their complaint?
The reasoning is that this could have been dealt with by means of 'words of advice' (for example) and the BPA are implying that it wasn't because of her colour.
As I understand it from the article.

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The Black Police Association Says The Met Is Institutional Racist, Well They Would Say That Wouldn't They?

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