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Has Jezza actually resigned? If not there is no contest.
let's not. He would be a disaster, perhaps that would be a good thing for the Tories, but his constant bleating on about black this and black that issues has me reaching for a brick to throw at the tv.
no Jezza won't resign till absolutely made to.
David Lammy for leader?

Why not - they could put a stuffed monkey in charge - until Momentum is dismantled and its stranglehold on the Party is destroyed, Labour are doomed to repeat the same mistakes next time, and the time after that.

Hard Left communist principles are all well and good for the Islington bubble, the rest of the country does not want them - and if that message has not been conveyed by this election result, then there is no hope for Labour for the foreseeable future.
In theory there's a load of Tory supporters in the Labour party like TTT, who will do their best to ensure another no-hoper is elected as leader.
my friends voted Labour, mainly because they think Boris is a buffoon, hahahh
Really they should split. The sad thing about Labour is that it's now just all about the civil war that's going on within it. The two factions hate each other and want ownership of the party. Any concern about winning elections and doing anything to improve anyone's lives has become a secondary concern.

Except Alan Johnson retired as an MP in 2017.
Alan Johnson isn’t an MP for one thing ...
What a shame.

Quite a few experienced centre-left MPs and activists have left Labour over the last year or so, hence the domination (because of?) Momentum and their appalling and ineffective election campaign.

i guess he could always start again, but feel he isn't the starting again type. His impassioned speech had me
wondering just what a good leader he would have made.
I say diddlydo for leader!
AH is correct, Labour is infected with political Ebola, the patient may not survive.
a former teacher, a true red in the bed, nah..
I reckon COB will try to cling to power. Thats what Trotts generally do and I'm sure what he would have done at the end of his tenure if elected.
// I reckon COB will try to cling to power. //

It wouldn't actually surprise me. He definitely had an air of the surly tinpot dictator about him on the interviews I've seen.

You know, when they insist they have to wait for a period of stability before they'll honour the result of a democratic election and relinquish power.

Well it was such an embarrassing,but expected,trouncing I suppose he is trying to find some dignity and save face. "I will go when I'm ready and not be pushed" attitude. Ho Ho Ho.
I think you ned to read the article before getting carried away:
"It is a little over four years since The Spectator journalist Toby Young joined the Labour party for three quid in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. May I be the first to suggest that we should all do the same thing now, as Jeremy will soon, sadly, be going?

We need to ensure that Labour sticks to the exciting radical platform that has so appealed to voters.

We need to choose someone devoid of even the slenderest vestiges of sentience and who the general public will quickly come to detest.
The obvious candidate is Diane Abbott, but I don’t think she’s a runner.

Rebecca Long-Bailey would be good and Richard Burgon even better.
But to really take things forward for the party and estrange the last few remaining potential Labour voters, it surely has to be Lammy.

Get signed up here now!"
Personally I think it is an excellent idea. Mr Lammy, of course, is the successor in his Tottenham seat to one Bernie Grant. Mr Grant, older readers may recall, rejoiced at the hacking to death of PC Keith Blakelock during the Broadwater Farm riots, declaring that the police had got "a bloody good hiding". Seems just the man to unite the nation and appeal to Middle England.

I have to say I rejoiced at the anointment of Jezza, thinking that it was the greatest gift to the Tories since Michael Foot turned up in his donkey jacket at the Cenotaph and stood there picking his nose as the wreaths were laid. I must also confess that I worried considerably over the past few months that he would find his way into No 10 courtesy of some stich up between him, the Lib nonDems and Ms Sturgeon. However, once again the electorate proved how sensible they really are (whatever Ms Thornberry might think, or deny she thought) when they are messed about and patronised too much.

For me, David Lammy is the ideal candidate to ensure the Tories are returned with another stonking majority in 2024.

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