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cassa333 | 09:59 Tue 17th Dec 2019 | News
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Day one and remainer MPs are already moaning about not being able to extend the agreement past Dec 2020.

They have a year to pull their fingers out. We know what we want, they know what they want. Just get on and bloody well do it.


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Boris has correctly spotted their next ruse and shut it down. The remaining VBQC collaborating with the EUSSR would drag it out for years given half a chance. They just can't let their beloved gravy train go can they?
Excellent news. It'll focus minds for once.
Any delay, though, would be as a result of negotiations on trade between the UK and the EU looking like they aren’t going to be finalised by December: I believe a decision on this must be reached midway through 2020: the clause in the agreement allowing for that is what would be removed.
An early trade deal, or effectively, a trade deal of any sort, is more likely the closer the EU and UK remain aligned in terms of customs and standards. In a sense these negotiations will follow the opposite course to normal trade negotiations: ie they’ll start from a position of alignment and diverge.
I would have thought that with an 80 seat majority Boris would be on course for 31/1/20. Am I wrong?
^ My thoughts exactly.
This has nothing to do with the Jan 31 leaving date
Surely there can't be that many Remainers left in the Tory Party? Not enpugh to block Brexit.
Question Author
Yes. We have exactly the same standards and systems at the moment and tbh I don’t think that will change much in the short term.

Although I do believe a clean break is the way to go, just to make sure the EU are absolutely clear we are not to be messed with lol, I am not too fussed what the trade deal is as lng as we are NOT bound in any shape or form to the ECJ, can make our own trade deals regardless of EU and are not bound to the customs union and single market dictates.

I would think a free trade deal that must include financial services is the way to go.

Boris has a huge majority and as long as he doesn’t sell us down the swanny we can simply get on with our lives.
This is about 31/12/2020, not 31/1/2020, and whether we have a hard (no-deal) Brexit or a soft Brexit - because 11 months is not enough time to negotiate anything much more complex in between those two relatively simple extremes.
You’re wasting your time Ellipsis :-)
Ellipsis// because 11 months is not enough time to negotiate anything much more complex in between those two relatively simple extremes.//

Why is 11 months not enough time?
The UK is not to be messed with but should (probably will) be left entirely to its fate - I don't expect any deliberate sabotage from outside the country nor any obvious attempts to help if/when things start to creak. Ignoring that in the UK there are sharply differing views/sentiments, there will be cheering of different sorts at both sides of the divide when the end state is reached. Then we sit back and watch the actual outcome as opposed to the speculation, some of it wildly unrealistic.
It seems we have not learned from the last attempt to box ourselves into a corner.
I can understand the desire not to want this to drag on, but it seems to me that it gives the EU more leverage in the negotiations.
And presumably the unilateral alteration of the withdrawal agreement by our parliament isn’t an issue for the EU
ich, the difference is that we can leave with no deal now, the EUSSR know they no longer have the 5th columnist in the HOC. This will stop all the BS and they'll have to start really negotiating.
Anyone seen Miller?
//Anyone seen Miller? //

have been half expecting calls for a judicial review into the result of the election - I've seen it written that 78% of labour MPs retained their seats and that's a winning margin in many people's books....
I too am surprised no one has tried Court to challenge the election result.

Still, there is time still I suppose.
'Boris has correctly spotted their next ruse and shut it down'

No he hasn't. An amended Withdrawal Agreement Bill is to be voted on this week. I suspect it will pass. But, given the political history of Brexit votes.......let's not uncork the fizzy stuff just yet.
// but it seems to me that it gives the EU more leverage in the negotiations.//

Is that nonsense or wishful thinking? Britain is now the only major country in western Europe with a fully functional government able to take radical measures and brush aside the globalist enemies of the Nation State. France, Germany, Italy and Spain are all in political turmoil or have a paralysed administration. The centre is crumbling everywhere else with either right or left wing fanatics gaining support, but not in Britain. A one-nation Tory leader has pulled off the feat of uniting a blue collar north and an affluent south. Brussels can no longer play the divide and rule game,(which was avidly supported and facilitated by the 5th columnists and Millar paymasters) either against the Conservative party or Great Britain as a whole. It is all change and the EUSSR charlatans now realise that our apparent chaotic methods always result in us becoming stronger and more resolute. They forget our history at their do we.
Tora the thing is that we don’t really want to finish up in December 2020 with no trade deal.
No one wants that.
But as with Brexit itself, it will hit us harder than the EU.
And thank heaven for the EU because otherwise we’d have to negotiate several trade deals: at least this one will cover much of Europe on one go

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