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What Time ?

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gulliver1 | 11:27 Wed 22nd Mar 2023 | News
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Does the The Boris Johnson Circus start today .???


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10:27 it would appear.
Depends where in the world you are.
LOL, Naomi.
You'll know it's started when the wheels come off the clown car.
10.27 - winner.
Good ole Gully desperate to see his Idol on the telly, I bet he's invited all his imaginary friends round for a Boris party! He's on at 2pm me old china, try not to get over excited.
Gully ❤️ Boris.
Question Author
Rigged from start to finish ..
Circus started around 2019 and hasnt stopped

oh the PARTICULAR one today, sozza.....
He's on at 2pm me old china, try not to get over excited.

why am I required ( on pain of punishment condign) to treat this sort of thing as the words of Einstein, rather than one of the workers in Brave New WOrld ?
Beeb channel 231
thank god someone ( ex parliamentary legal counsel) said that the process this pm, is NOT a legal or criminal process

and the sooner the Boris Johnson lawyers realsise this the better
//Rigged from start to finish .. //

For once I agree with you, Gulliver.
Question Author
PP 11.21 Haven't got time to watch the lot, but its very predictable what the result will be.
Question Author
Naomi @ 12.09 Answer removed.
Truth hurt, Gulliver? :o)
'its very predictable what the result will be'

If that's why you believe, then why did you bother starting this thread:

and this one:

and particularly this one:

*what* you believe
Question Author
12,14 No , but I am surprised that you admit your hero is taking part in a crooked rigged Inquiry.
Round about Pepper pig time.
Pepper pig is on Amazon so all the time, I know I have watched every ruddy one of them in the last month!

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