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Palace Balcony - Terribly White?

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mushroom25 | 15:13 Sun 07th May 2023 | News
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since the only people on the balcony were members of the family, how could it have been otherwise? not sure what her point is - maybe that individual family members are to be criticised for not having non-whites in their dating pool?


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Wonder what she would make of my extended family with 8 different ethnic groups!
oh dear, 'ow sad, never mind...
-- answer removed --
She may be keeping her profile alive with a view to becoming the new James Bond.

Or she's just a bigotted rabble rouser who imagines her opinion matters a tuppeny one.
I think she was quite right. The very least the royal family could do was black up for the occasion ! I can't think what Charles and Camilla were thinking of. Do they not have minstrel friends they could bum the slap from ? Jolly poor show.
And all the adverts on TV are terribly black.
What would Adjoa Andoh say if I said she was terribly black?
I don’t know and I care even less. She’s an oxygen thief.
This is a racist remark.
If it was a white person saying it about a black gathering there would be outrage.
Why is it ok for a black person to say it about white?!
Funny looking at the guests in the Abbey they waere about as diverse as you could get, as was the line up at last night's concert. So just the immediate family are of white ethnicity, single ethnicity families are still the norm in the UK despite the image the adverts on tv would have you believe. There was a distinct lack of disabled people on the balcony too, not sure about sexuality representation unless you believe the rumours but that's none of our business. And
Old Geezer, what a great post, and maybe they could all sing and dance their way to Westminster Abbey next time.

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