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Trump Indicted... What Next?

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Untitled | 17:23 Wed 02nd Aug 2023 | News
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donald trump has been indicted for, among other things, conspiracy to defraud the united states due to his efforts to overturn the result of the 2020 election

it alleges that he tried to open sham fraud investigations to delegitimise the result and that he attempted to persuade mike pence to discount electoral college votes for joe biden

Trump has been summoned to appear in court on thursday.

what happens if they find him guilty? will things get violent?


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demonstrators were outside the court holding a banner that said “Trump or death”

this does not bode well… i am concerned that if he is found guilty then his supporters will simply start killing people
The Democrat supporters immediately started to smash America up as soon as Trump was elected.

Are you going to tell me that didn't happen?
These people are all talk.
There’ll be no “death”
Question Author
patrick crusius wasn’t all talk
mauricio garcia wasn’t all talk
payton gedron wasn’t all talk
james alex fields wasn’t all talk
cesar sayoc wasn’t all talk
Roy, How would you account for the phone call with Raffensperger? Fake news?
Let's see what happens. The Trump lovers that remain faithful may become embarrassed about their behaviour one day, or perhaps never.

The main thing is that he stays out of power.

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Trump Indicted... What Next?

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