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Trump’s Latest Indictment Charges Includes Racketeering

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Hymie | 08:01 Tue 15th Aug 2023 | News
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If found guilty there is a mandatory minimum 5 year jail term within Georgia for racketeering.

18 others have been charged within the indictment, including Rudy Giuliani.

Interesting times ahead.



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// And there has been a witch hunt. No other President has ever been investigated so much (and so far nothing to stick).//

The "nothing to stick" part is so misleading. The US legal system is hideously slow, especially when you can afford lawyers to drag things along.
// But honestly listen [to the phone call] with an open mind and then tell me that video is evidence of wrong doing. //

Firstly, I heard it at the time and it stank; secondly, there's obviously far more evidence than just the phone call at play here. Indeed, already that evidence has been assessed by a Grand Jury, who decided there was enough to press charges.
Wasn't it also a 'witch hunt' that caused Boris Johnson' to resign?
Traditionally witch hunts were aimed at innocent people. What's the term for pursuing the guilty?
17.12. Justice .
They organised a similar witch hunt against Al Capone and eventually got him for tax evasion. Good.

I don't care what happens to Trump as long as he stays out of the White House. A dangerous and morally bankrupt man, worshipped by fools.

You realise you could post links to sites that claim the world is flat right?

Just posting a link doesn’t prov the source is trustworthy.

By the way - it gets worse!

This whole thing stinks more than a kipper in an overcoat.
Useful idiots abound in Trumpworld. When he hopefully disappears, they'll go with him.
//You realise you could post links to sites that claim the world is flat right?//

I don't though. I could also post links that link everything to race. I don't do that either.
Oh dear. Poor old Trump and those that love him. Reduced to ranting on social media.

Ain’t that the truth!

I heard some more of the tape. The Secretary of State for Georgia is a brave, brave, brace man.

Don’t be silly.
For the hard of thinking - the final word.
Anyone still supporting Trump at this point is part of a moronic personality cult. Ie beyond reason.

We just have to hope that the man himself is kept away from wielding any kind of power.
Trump has become a religion. Attempt communication with the followers by all means, but understand you will get nowhere.
I'm not sure which poses a greater threat to a healthy democracy. Trump and his supporters ongoing attempts to undermine a democratic election or the fact that a vast number of republican voters continue to stand behind him.
the pollster stateside say that he appeals to the core Trump ( rep) voters with the fiery rhetoric - "I won, I won, I really did!"
BUT they say
the charade wont convert anyone ( with a brayne).

He was ( they say - but can you believe anything out of America nowadays(*)) going to plead - "I won I won," seriously as a defence

now ( they say - ferent, dicunt, on dit, o me a detto - eipe)
his defence will be a mixture of persidential privilege ( er what?) and freedom of speech.

In 20 y we have gone a long way from "the only thing a president in office can be proceded against is impeachment"

* can anything good come out of Nazareth ( NT) - cuter huh?)
I'm not sure which poses a greater threat to a healthy democracy. Trump

I honestly think the danage is done

if anyone says - and in America, the greatest democracy on earth.....
the obvioous response is to snigger isnt it?

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Trump’s Latest Indictment Charges Includes Racketeering

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