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Boris Pokes His Nose In.

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gulliver1 | 13:38 Thu 14th Sep 2023 | News
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Boris says to Sunak.

"What the hell are we waiting for. Send Ukraine Howitzers, artillery weapons,Storm shadow cruise missiles, and drones.What the hell has it got to do with Boris.????He spent enough of tax payers money on cronies and himself .....Button it Johnson.OK!



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Another ex-PM thinking he's still an expert (like Blair, Truss, Major). 

Johnson's right.

Isnt it amusing how the childish op puts OK at the end as if he thinks he carries some good if you followed your own advice OK !....

Good old Boris.  Gone but not forgotten.  ;o)

Everyone's allowed an opinion.

It's luricrous that gulliver resents Boris Johnson giving his opinion, something that gulliver inflicts on us every day.

Question Author

 Johnson  is not even an MP any longer.. Who the hell is he to go on a  private visit as an ordinary civvy  to view the situation in Ukraine. Then on return tell the Uk govt what to do. He made a big enough mess when he was in power. without poking his nose into govt affairs now........Keep it out Pinocchio..

Maybe he was invited to visit as zelensky felt he was a good ally

"Keep it out Pinocchio..'

from somebody who has been caught out telling porkys on here on numerous occasions...

FYI Boris was one of the first to  get  allies to provide extra support to Ukraine and as an ex PM still carries clout, whether you like it or best you button it EH !

Question Author

Why are we always so slow Boris says....Well you were not very slow at spending tax payers money on false ppe contracts and giving tax payers money away to pretty women like Jennifer Arcuri and Baroness Mone were you Boris, when you were in power. Perhaps you emptied the public purse ????

He is offering his advice like many ex PM have done on various subjects, including Tony Blair.

Question Author

Wonder what New defence minister Grant Shapps thinks of interference from Boris  on his new job.   .......Probably hasn't even noticed .




Question Author

Johnson directed his message not just at the UK but the the US and other western Nations .Bet that went down well with Biden.

Question Author

Gramps 14.45 I should think that with all the damage Johnson did to the UK . His advice would be the very very last to listen to.

Question Author

Wonder when Liz Truss will throw her hat in to advise on

Gulliver 14.45.  Ditto Blair

Question Author

Would sooner listen to Blair than Johnson .Gramps.

When he's talking sense, there's no reason to censor him. Plenty of other ex-MPs get reported on when they are clearly advising nonsense.

//What the hell has it got to do with Boris.????//


What the hell has it got to do with you?

blair still pokes his nose in

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Boris Pokes His Nose In.

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