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Doctors On Strike?

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nicebloke1 | 10:02 Mon 02nd Oct 2023 | News
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Yes they will be striking again, but will still be providing a service for the hundreds of boat people walking up our beaches, why, because they are earning thousands in fees that the government are happy to pay while the rest of is tax payers struggle to see a doctor?  In the mean time in our hospitals some doctors are getting 7k, yes 7k a shift if they will cover for a striking doctor. The latter info from Talk TV this morning.



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And I dare say the doctors have worked out a rota for this 7k shift so they all get a bite of the apple. Once they get this sort of payment you can say good bye to getting them to work for a reasonable salary.

Where did you get your figures from?

they are providing an emergency service to everyone, not just boat people.

GPs are unaffected

Good rant though, nothing like venting your spleen on AB every so often. 😊

Are the doctors receiving 7k agency doctors? If so they will not receive 7k as the agency will take their cut.

intresting point though - the cost to the government/nhs since the strikes started would have paid for the payrises that the drs want.

And how are you calculating that RH?

I can find no evidence to support this claim, nicebloke. Can you provide a link?

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4.14 See bottom of OP. Sorry didnt take a video when it was on the TV. Never known them to tell porkies pies though.

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Many thanks hazlinny i was begining to think no one believed what I heard and seen this morning.

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Doctors On Strike?

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