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Is This Yet Another Stupid Video Attacking The Peace Loving Israelis?

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piggynose | 21:47 Fri 03rd Nov 2023 | News
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Oh dear

Sone people making enormous  fools of themselves.

"We would like to reassure people that no drug dealers were shot during the bombing raids and that no babies were beheaded during our blood soaked killing spree"

They did it under a nom de guerre.

But most here knew what was going on.


@21.22.No,just home from my work.It was you i thought was a wee bit drunk.Again.Especially with you apologising for terrorist groupings again.

Question Author

22.58.. Wow Sandy Roe! 

Question Author

* whoops 21.58

There's a very worrying anti-Jew dynamic going on at the moment, fuelled by the left and upsettingly youngsters are getting involved. I find this very very concerning.

Mealy-mouthed people will whine there's a difference between being anti-Jew and anti-Israel, but there really isn't. They say that to justify it to themselves and to salve their Jew hate.

I would hate to be a UK Jew at the moment - I'd be worried for my safety.

If I live to be 100 I will never ever understand why some people feel it's acceptable to hate Jewish people.

Question Author

nah it was 22.58 !

I forgot i was in the same time zone as brexitland!

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Why do you think Hamas launched this 'unprovoked' attack?

@22.07.Aye,thanks to the SNPers,eh,piggy.

@22.10.Probably ordered to do it by their Iranian masters,jd.Why do you ask?

Just wondered if there was some kind of historical context behind it.

Believe me they're not.

The UVF is now the biggest drug dealing crew in N Ireland.


I didn't mention drugs.

When we can't condemn terrorists whether that be the IRA, Isis or Hamas, it's a sad day for this world and for this website.  If this was WW2, certain people here would be speaking up for the SS and the Gestapo.

SANDY, "Hamas aren't terrorists because you call them so" that might be so but the UK's Terrorism Act 2000 lists it as a proscribed group meaning legally, it is a terrorist group.

Im afraid so,Hazi.sandyRoe seems to have crawled back under his rock.He will have a hangover tomorrow,but serves him right for his defence of terrorists and terrorism.

They should be condemned but isn't it useful to know why they did it?

@23.40.Well said TCL.First time in a long time i heartily endorse your comments.Keep up the good work old boy...sorry,loon.

@23.42.Probably some kind of Jew hating blood-lust,JD.Adolf Hitler was of the same vein.

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Is This Yet Another Stupid Video Attacking The Peace Loving Israelis?

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