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Is The Mask Slipping?

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ToraToraTora | 12:02 Sat 04th Nov 2023 | News
16 Answers win an election Labour will need middle England and middle England are not known for their love of terrorists. Are Labour torpedoing their own chances with this silliness?



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> The government, the Labour leadership and other Western allies including the US have called for a "humanitarian pause" to allow aid into Gaza but said Israel has a right to defend itself by attacking Hamas.

What's the point of calling for a ceasefire when the "pause" they've already called for has been ignored. A waste of time and energy.

The terrorists called Hamas won't stick to any ceasefire.




This excellent article describes how SKS has blpwn it as far as the Muslim vote. Labour, it seems, must prepare to lose votes left right and centre. His popularity is also slipping as well as his mask. He is between a rock and a hard place seeing as his wife is Jewish. His revolting Labour front benchers and Councellors don't see it that way though.Problem is we could be run by religious zealots

Well worth a read. Gulliver should be worried. Very worried

Dead-eyed heathens have no place in British politics.

I would rather have"dead-eyed"heathens in British politics rather than religious nut-jobs in British politics Duggie.

I don't think anyone cares much for terrorists in any part of England do they?

if Labour don't win the election it won't be because he failed to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Or because some other Labour people called for a ceasefire.I think most people can tell the difference anyway between support fir Hamas and genuine is possibly misguided humanitarian concerns. 
In any case the UK Parliament debating and calling for a ceasefire is utterly pointless. It's a foreign war and British citizens are already leaving 

What puzzles me is, the people who had nothing to say on the Hamas attack on innocent  'peace gig' goers  are the most vocal on calling for a ceasfire.


What puzzles me that immediately on or after 7/10 when innocent Israelis were slaughtered in their beds and safe rooms we heard not a squeak from that Leftie twerp Lineker. Now he supports a Terrorist supporting mob for demonstrating and provoking on the UK's most sacred of days of respect. It's about time he was given the red card for any type of broadcasting. In the 30s/40s he would be rounded up by the Brownshirts and incarcerated in Sachenhausen for his views. He forgets that those who died fought for freedom of speech which he unfortunately uses and abuses. Shame on him.

"He forgets that those who died fought for freedom of speech which he unfortunately uses and abuses."


He's using his hard won right to free speech.

Free speech isn't just what ex peace officers consider right and proper.

PS: I don't agree with him, on anything, save you the bother of rounding up your mates to give me a virtual pounding. x

In my view the PM should not have waded in with his letter. I think these people should desist from their protest on that day but when Sunak says what he says it sounds like the govt is saying it's not alright to protest. Which actually IS what they are saying. Best to do things a little more quietly if at all.

So then everyone safes in and we end up with a lot of silliness 

Wades in ;-)

The right to exercise freedom of speech comes with certain responsibilities. Poor timing, rather like yours Douglas, is one way to render it worthless. The right to remain silent is also worth noting and those who choose to do so at inconvenient times to themselves may also attract increased scrutiny.      

Timing eh, Togo? Like trawling history to visit brownshirts and concentration camps on opinionated sports presenters?

Have a nice day with your oddball mates.

//Like trawling history to visit brownshirts and concentration camps on opinionated sports presenters?//



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