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Is This Yet Another Stupid Video Attacking The Peace Loving Israelis?

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piggynose | 20:47 Fri 03rd Nov 2023 | News
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The Hamas terrorists started this war,piggy-wiggy.The Hamas terrorists,just as the IRA terrorists in Ireland,have blood on their hands.May it never be washed off.Dont you agree?

The IRA, and their political wing Sinn Fein, are on their way to victory.

I hope the Palestine people will soon find the same freedom.

Good luck with that Mr IRA and Hamas terrorist apologist.

Hamas aren't terrorists because you call them so.

Well Hamas started this war.And seeing they arent part of a standing national army,they cant be called anything other than a bunch of terrorist bastrads.

"Hamas aren't terrorists because you call them so"

If you honestly, genuinely, believe Hamas aren't terrorists, then you are a pillock.

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It's another talking head offering a view.

They are everywhere, and best ignored in favour of balanced reporting from reputable news journalists.

Hamas did start this one, so there is no question about Israel's right to attack them intheir own defence.  The IRA were (are still?) a terrorist organisation no matter how they appear to have evolved.

"Terrorists" is a word used by powerful forces to describe their enemies 

Sandy - // "Terrorists" is a word used by powerful forces to describe their enemies //

No it's not.

It is a very specific adjective, with defined perameters - please see here -

It's no secret the IRA are now gangsters.

"Terrorist" is a noun used to describe those who deliberately cause terror to a community, often for some "cause" they use to try to justify their actions.

I love the way the self defence forces are self defending by flattening hospital and apartment blocks, and then coming back a few days later and doing it all over again  ! - wont these damned terrorists stay dead?


Believe me they're not.

The UVF is now the biggest drug dealing crew in N Ireland.    On the republican side the INlA do the same harm to their own community.

Sinn Fein don't do drugs.

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obvious buzz word - at one Manchester College, if someone calls you a terrorist - you can apply to have the name-caller chucked off the course.

a bit mouth gaping for a white

Sandy - the drug dealing by the freedom fighter was always an important element was it not ?


I have never said a word about Jews.

I talk about Israelis and the Zionists who invaded the lands of Palestine .


The IRA never tolerated drug dealing.  Even after their cease fire they shot and killed drug dealers.


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Is This Yet Another Stupid Video Attacking The Peace Loving Israelis?

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