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Covid Inquiry

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Hymie | 14:14 Sat 04th Nov 2023 | News
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Based on the findings of the Covid inquiry over the past week, during 2020 all those in 10 Downing Street were at each other’s throats, describing in very bad language how incompetent/useless their colleagues were (with the inevitable complete failure of the government to adequately respond to the pandemic) – how come they held so many parties?



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Were that all politicians were always that honest.

Don't you mean 'would that' ?


Same up here in Scotland.Sturgeon is the same as Johnson.Both Johnson and Sturgeon have blood on their hands.Time to move on methinks.These multi-million pound enquiries or inquests or whatever arent going to prove anything.Covid was started by a Chinese biologigal warfare unit.Nothing else to inquest or enquire about.

"how come they held so many parties?"

I agree, move on, but thats the burning question the troll wants he can then troll with more of his usual garbage backed up by videos made by "my mate phil" who has a garbage YouTube channeleven if you supplied him with indisputable evidence of numbers , reasons etc hed still troll, hes the same as his other sucker mate on here....all they want is to troll....

"Covid was started by a Chinese biologigal warfare unit.Nothing else to inquest or enquire about."

Do you think the inquiry is looking into only the source of the Covid virus?

I don't know why Answerbank continues to list rule number nine, this site is trolled on a daily basis.

Same up here in Scotland Hymie.Nationalists in Westminster,nationalists up here in Holyrood.Both liars,both consumed with greed.The British people deserve better than the English Tories or the Tartan Tories up here in Scotland.Dont you agree?

All these inquests/enquiries end up the same way,TCL,a whitewash,which both Johnson and Sturgeon are hoping for.Us decent Brits who adhered to all the rules imposed on us by the Tories and the Tartan Tories are hoping to see both Johnson and Sturgeon behind prison walls.But no,we are the wee people.Johnson or Sturgeon dont give a damn for us.

Cummings didn't seem to have a good word to say for anybody. As far as I can tell he just wanted everyone to be sacked.

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Covid Inquiry

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