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Why Are The Kids Stabbing Each Other?

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ToraToraTora | 11:06 Thu 09th Nov 2023 | News
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One life gone another ruined. What's the answer? We all carried knives when I was their age, I don't remember anyone getting stabbed.



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Probably no parental guidance,total lack of respect for life and definitely risible sentencing. Anyone should get 10 years for possessing an illegal life in a public place without a reasonable excuse.

Could there be a reasonable excuse to carry an "illegal" knife, Retro. And just what is an "illegal" knife. I was in Scarborough some time back and there's a shop on the sea-front which openly sells all kinds of 'Rambo-style' knives and swords.

//Could there be a reasonable excuse to carry an "illegal" knife, Retro. And just what is an "illegal" knife.//

Generally most knives with a blade over 2". Folding knives under 2" blades are OK providing they are not lock knives. I have a Lock knife I used for sailing with a serrated blade and can be opened one handed. One hand to hank on to the mast in choppy weather the other to open the knife for the task in hand. Telephone egineers repairing lines has been cited as reasonable excuse. I have a small pocket knife I bought in Christchurch Market. Overall length no more than 2" but illegal because it locks.Fixed blades illegal unless blade less than 2".

Many more reasonable excuses one could find but sometimes you would have to convince a judge or Magistrate;fr=uh3_news_web&fr2=p%3Anews%2Cm%3Asb%2Cv%3Aartcl&.tsrc=uh3_news_web


My mistake the blade length is 3" not 2" as previously stated. I have been out for 26 years!! A table of illegal blades including Zombies in the link

A lot of youngsters seem to be deeply unhappy and angry today. Doesn't take much for them to snap..

Good guide to what is illegal to sell and what is illegal to carry in public.

Dissatisfaction with their life maybe due to social media, perceived fear  of attack and a need to defend themselves, distorted idea of respect and their entitlement to it, drug/gang power wars.

A sgian-dubh or sgian-achlais is legal if worn as part of Scots national dress.

The place in Scarborough is called Ancient Warrior and i've just Googled them to find a few pictures of 'ceremonial' type swords (possibly connected to the Samurai) but no knives or daggers. My memory may be playing tricks with me, but i'm sure i recall seeing some rather vicious looking knives when i was there. It was a few years ago, so maybe they've been removed. Those swords look just as dangerous, though.

TTT, i think flick-knives were part of the armoury whenever mods clashed with rockers - along with bike chains and batons.

More prevalent nowadays partly due to people of a different culture who join/form gangs and have a different, more violent way of settling arguments.

The answer really is simple and has been mooted many times on these pages: 10 years for carrying, 20 for using and life with no parole for killing. It would most likely take some time to eradicate the problem but i do believe it would de-escalate it sufficiently. If only our MPs were brave enough.

Ken - the problem with 'deterrent' sentences is, the mindset that carries and uses a knife is not the mindset that even thinks about, much less is deterred by, thoughts of the consequences of doing so.

Rational minds think of consequences, people who carry and use knives are not rational. 


I agree with that, Andy.

That may be so Andy, but it certainly would stop the repeat offenders.

IMHO I do think it would have an impact, perhaps not on all some will do it whatever, but word would soon get round once a few are banged up good and proper.

YMB - It doesn't matter if word gets round, the notion of responsibility is not part of a knife carrier's remit.

Agree with Andy.  

Oddly enough the stabbers seem not to be the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Douglas - As I have said, the intelligence needed to rationalise the consequences of carrying and using a knife,  are by definition, absent from the minds of knife carriers / users.

I had a khukuri in my bag for some reason.  It was when I was moving house.  I also carry a handy Stanley Knife.

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Why Are The Kids Stabbing Each Other?

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