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It seems a reasonable thing for the French (and Spanish) to do.  It's about time that we all seetled down to live with each other and move forward.

However I do have to agree with what NJ has said.  The one big difficulty is that in allowing a person to stay in one country (that belongs to Schengen) then said person will theoretically be able to go to any Schengen country. I dont think there should be a great difficulty with this as why would a a 2HO want to do that.  But the question, as NJ quite reasonably asks, is: Will the EU be ok with it?


I don't expect you to admit it if it turns out you're wrong.

I'd be more than happy to accept I was wrong. Nothing much that the EU does surprises me and if they did a volte face on this I'd be more than happy to accept I'd called it incorrectly. I simply don't see how it can be achieved without jeopardising the integrity of the Schengen area, which (they say) is so important. This is despite allowing it to be breached every year by hundreds of thousands of migrants "seeking a new life". Far more important to control the activities of a handful of UK citizens who want to go there to spend a few bob and who will return home after they've done so..

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