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Is It Not Now Getting Really Pathetic

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nicebloke1 | 11:56 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | News
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My homepage just came up with a Mirror headline, I did wonder who was going to come up with this first, year after year nonsense ( unless you know someone who beat them to it) Quote. Christmas Fears As Shoppers Warned To Expect Empty Shelves After Supply Issues.



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More supply issues ? What's up now ?


As long as I've sufficient food and drink, other shopping can be ignored.

Question Author

Didn't even bother reading below the headline OG, and if I had I wouldn't tell you incase i put the (fear) of god up you. :0)

Should prudent shoppers stock up with toilet paper?

It flies off the shelves when there's talk of shortages.

Just checked that one out and the Mirror did the story 21 hours ago (apparently) but the Evening Standard beat them to it by 2 hours.

Their headline is; 'Farmers warn of Christmas vegetable shortage due to wet weather.

Is there a prize for finding someone who beat the Mirror to the story? 😊

Details please!  Is it the latest must-have video game or sprouts?

Nothing like triggering panic buying.  The Mirror should be ashamed of itself.  Totally irresponsible.

Cross posted Ken.  And the Evening Standard.

Question Author

12.05 Prize, ok, a bag of sprouts if I can get hold of them. TUF if you don't like sprouts, pass em on.

Love 'em, yom. Send me your address on the back of a £50 note and i'll come and pick them up.

Send it to; Ken4155, PO Box 69, Charter Walk, Burnley

Much appreciated.

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Ha Ha^ There are many supermarkets round near me, and over the past 6 years, including covid lockdown, all of them have had mountain high stacks of veg that they can't get rid of, and I'm not pulling your leg, they start off at 20p a bag, and end up at 10p for half a kilo normally.

Saw that on BBC news last night.  It also said that sprouts wouldn't be in short supply.  Is that because most people have had them on for a couple of months already.

No problem, got three cases of bog roll 😁

A few months ago some paper reported a shortage of Turkeys for Christmas. Usually it's not a sufficient frost for the sprouts.

Question Author

I doubt anything will be in short supply before Xmas, on Xmas, or even after Xmas, or the rest of this year and throughout 2024. The media in this country need to get a grip and stop this crazy scarmongering. Its a certain fact when they use the word FEAR, fear of shortages of whatever, they are making the people of this country look weak and stupid around the world, and they have no idea what the real meaning of fear is.

People that live in FEAR are people who at present are living in war zones, two major ones that we are all aware of at this present moment in time.

They are not just living in fear of their lives, but in fear of where the next spoonfull of food will come from, or the next drop of water.

I watched an elderly woman a few nights ago in Gaza, she was close to 80 years old, siffting through the bombed out building, in fact there wasn't a building standing, looking for wood that she was able to carry, what for? to make a fire to inable her to cook what little raw food she had.

NOW that is fear, it also shows how strong and resilient these people are no matter what is thrown at them. We could well learn a thing or two.


You had to bring Gazza into it.  Why? There is no comparison and anyway its just the MSM writing this not the public and most do it as click bait to raise more advert revenue.

Their headline is; 'Farmers warn of Christmas vegetable shortage due to wet weather.

If only we'd stayed in the EU! None of this would have happened! 😀

Question Author

13.41.Why? NOT for any reason you may be thinking. I was giving an example of fear OK? If it makes you feel any better I've seen the same in Ukraine, and many other countries. FEAR of not be able to cram the fridge and freezer of food.OMG.

the headline actually says Christmas dinner fears etc...

seems a fairly fact-based story. There have been more, and stronger, storms this autumn than usual, and that's always going to have an effect on crops. Broccoli and cauliflower especially badly hit (fortunately I eat neither at Christmas or any other time).

Question Author

Depends which headline your looking at. It appears that many more have seen fit to post the normall pre Christmas rubbish. If they can't find doom and gloom they will cook some up.

I ignore everything like this now.  'Project Fear' inspired some elements and t.b.h. I think governments rather like illogical, panicked populations who will flock to do as they are told.

I will tell everyone, however, that the farmers here (big potato and root veg. area) are struggling to harvest due to mud and  rains - so they may be pricier.

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