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Boris On Trial.

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gulliver1 | 16:16 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | News
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Johnson.. to be grilled next week for two days at the Covid inquiry that he set up when he was PM. (Oh dear). Get the popcorn out, if  you have a  fridge  big enough to accomodate him make sure it is firmly locked ,and have a lie detector handy.



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Brexiteers are indeed more stupid than Remainers – this youtube video explains the facts that demonstrate any claim of a vaccine roll out benefit to the UK gained through Brexit to be a compete lie.


It is likely that the next global pandemic will be a lot closer than 100 years ... it could be less than a decade. We don't want to same the mistakes next time, so we do have to know exactly what those mistakes were.

The problem with the witch hunt metaphor is that the witch was innocent! Therefore calling something a witch hunt assumes that nobody did anything wrong ... and the whole point of the enquiry is to figure out what went wrong, and why. No witches, just people who were not perfect.


yes sheds I was gonna say that the latest pillion on the broom seems to Sir Keir (*)

(*) insert gormless AB nick name at your own choice

shedman 11.16. You are right about him answering questions and yet a makes a big fuss about Boris not answering questions. He  really is a hypocrite.

Hymie to call others who have a different opinion to you stupid doesn't do you any favours and in fact just makes you look childish and immature.

Ellipsis, the problem with your example is that the term 'witch hunt' hasn't been applied solely to this process.  Boris has been 'on trial' for years.

"Boris has been 'on trial' for years."


And he may yet meet all the criteria for placement in a position of responsibility. It's a long process though and with no guarantees.

No witches, just people who were not perfect.

no you can have a witch - hunt ( speaking from bitter experience) where the person leading it is the chief culprit


Rockfort broke the japanese codes in time for Midway which basically settled the direction of the Pacific War, Frb 42. and was screwed in the Dyson sense by the Redmond brothers. Rockfort ( played by Hal Roach in the film er Midway) spent the rest of the war administering - a dry dock.

 Redman (whose brother was the influential Rear Admiral Joseph Redman) complained to King about the operation of the Hawaii station; as a result, Rochefort was reassigned from cryptanalysis to command the floating dry dock ABSD-2 at San Francisco.[22][23] Rochefort never served at sea again.[24] 

He is not an innocent person who has been literally hounded to death ... quite the opposite, he has done very well for himself. The biggest problem for him is that more and more people are discovering what he is ... a shambolic, philandering liar.

From the Government's own website,

"The MHRA is the UK’s independent regulator, globally recognised for requiring the highest standards for quality, safety and effectiveness.

Until the end of December, and as part of the transition period, vaccines must be authorised via the European Medicines Agency and that authorisation will automatically be valid in the UK.

However, if a suitable COVID-19 vaccine candidate, with strong supporting evidence of safety, quality and effectiveness from clinical trials becomes available before the end of the transition period, EU legislation which we have implemented via Regulation 174 of the Human Medicines Regulations allows the MHRA to temporarily authorise the supply of a medicine or vaccine, based on public health need." [emphasis added]

Those Regs are from 2012

 Boris has been 'on trial' for years.

No boris has been the pin up boy and kissy kissy mwah mwah of the ignorant and uneducated for years. There are even those who deny he has feet of clay !

Ellipsis, one of the problems we had at the last election was the choice of who to pick as PM.  It was either Boris or Jeremy.

Question Author

Naomi 11.05 "gulliver ,you make yourself more ridiculous with everypost" ......Naomi,  Please try to stay on the topic of this thread and try to obey site rule Number one ..many thanks

Peter Pedant, the ignorant and uneducated?   :o)))

CBL - the whole point of Brexit was it was lawful for the govt to do that sort of thnig

van der leyen - a doctor - was also held to be 'slow' on this.

It is ironic that regs which are meant to be for the safety of the popullation and must NEVER be transgressed, in an emergency there is apower to say "o frack it, just give it anyway" -surely that applies in ALL cases er a fortiori, if you are going to do it in an emerg

me? I am jsut an old boy who worked at Porton Down

Peter Pedant, the ignorant and uneducated? 

yes ma'am ignorant and uneducated, the ones who think flattening Gaza will bring peace, and the great war was terminated by the Battle of Waterloo 1915 - in short the typical ABer

> Ellipsis, one of the problems we had at the last election was the choice of who to pick as PM

Yes, that was a massive problem. But it was the Tory Party who put Boris there, just like it was the Labour Party who put Corbyn there. Two massive mistakes! Unfortunately, the wrong person (and his whole entourage, including Dominic Cummings) was there in the wrong place (Prime Minister) at the wrong time (pandemic outbreak).

I don't blame Boris, he is what he is and everybody who knew him knew that. I blame the people who put him there. They were thinking just of Brexit, ignoring anything else that may have happened while he was in office ... like a pandemic.

Haaa!   Rules needed there^, gulliver.   ;o)

^11:38 Sun

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Boris On Trial.

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