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Boris On Trial.

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gulliver1 | 16:16 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | News
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Johnson.. to be grilled next week for two days at the Covid inquiry that he set up when he was PM. (Oh dear). Get the popcorn out, if  you have a  fridge  big enough to accomodate him make sure it is firmly locked ,and have a lie detector handy.



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P/S.. I have already dug the ditch.

The Covid enquiry is not a trial!

Johnson,the English nationalist-out of office in disgrace.Sturgeon,the Scottish nationalist-out of office in disgrace.What is it with these nationalist numpties?

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Boris answering questions .He doesn't do that .He just answers with a couple of... rote learnt phrases.

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Retrocop 15.19 .... It is as far as I'm concerned....

Alas, no judge or jury .

Boris not answering questions.  Now who does that remind me of?


You really don't need a lie detector. One it would bow up on the first question put to him, plus you only need to count the number of.. Err. Err Err coming out of his mouth, each Err will indicate a lie on its way.

Blow up^^^

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The inquiry will offer the most self centred PM in living history to reply that he was obsessed with older people accepting their fate and dying ..To let the younger people get on with their life and keep the economy going. To help him not to lockdown.

"Boris On Trial" - no, Boris attending the Covid enquiry. 

Gulliver1 - if your vitriol was aimed more accurately, if you actually made a point when posting, you might find that you weren't the subject of so many (well-deserved, imo) attacks.

Just saying.

You can pretty much guess what Boris is going to say, here ...

It looks to me like a clinical barrister could cut him to pieces. Luckily for him, it is not a trial ...

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Sir Patrick Vallance said ." Johnson also believed that covid was just nature's way of dealing with old people". Can we ask Natures way of dealing with Boris please.

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Boris is guilty... and should be sentenced to a long time in the slammer. ...Let's get Boris done.

covid inquiry is not a criminal process

it is an enquiry - and I dont think it can compel. - but lying to it ( boris wdnt do THAT wd he?) may attract perjury charges - ( they do have oaths and affirmations)

"Boris answering questions .He doesn't do that"

same as you then...more irony...have you managed to find somebody to tell you what that means ?

"Can we ask Natures way of dealing with Boris please."

what a vile little person you are

and as always no question, no links from the troll...

Isn't bazwillrun's 18.54 post against site policy?

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Boris On Trial.

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