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Time To Stock Up On Torches And Candles Says Dowden

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youngmafbog | 13:19 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | News
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And bog roll of course!

And its tough if you have an EV.

Thanks TINO's all a result of your rediculous Net zero polcies.



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This is the beginning of the warnings that the National Grid is unlikely to be able to cope at peak times. Of course it will all be the fault of the consumers for failing to curb their insatiable appetite for using energy. You know, for the frivolities and luxuries they indulge in such as cooking and heating their homes and (for the suckers who have bought an EV)...
14:24 Tue 05th Dec 2023

I'm sure cyber-attacks are a useful justification for the advice. It saves having to hold up one's hand to incompetence regarding supply; even if it means admiting to incompetence regarding safeguarding the computer systems from malicious crackers.

Did you read more than the headline?

It's got cuff all to do with TINOs and their net zero policies.

Couldn't we go back to the days when newspapers served as toilet paper?

Go ahead

"It's got cuff all to do with TINOs and their net zero policies."

Indeed the headline hasn't. But it's part of the preparation work going on to soften the public up when (inevitably) peak hour power outages begin. There is little doubt that this will happen. The Grid's capacity is reducing due to the planned closure of the few remaining coal-fired power stations; nuclear plants are being decommissioned with no replacements; Drax faces an enquiry into its supposed "renewable" status; wind and solar, although being increased at tremendous cost, are both highly intermittent. Gas is the only reliable source of any significance but the country has abandoned almost all of its storage capacity and much of it is imported from unstable places. 

On the demand side, EVs are becoming increasingly prevalent, households are being encouraged to abandon gas boilers and install electricty-hungry heat pumps; the steel industry is being reduced to a rump, able only to produce recycled steel using electrically powered arc furnaces (you can't make steel from ore in quantity without burning coal). 

These two things - reduction in reliable supply and increasing demand - can only end one way.

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Time To Stock Up On Torches And Candles Says Dowden

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