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Last Member Of Dad’s Army Hasdied

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carolegif | 13:58 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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Ian Lavender has died aged 77.  No age these days.  I still watch and laugh at Dad's Army.  Usually on some channel.



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Ah, that's a shame.  He seemed a nice man.  He once beat me to a house I wanted to buy.

Yes it's a shame

 You stupid boy Pike!

Naomi can you close my thread please x

I'll remove it, Margo.  

Just been reading about this. Sad that "the stupid boy" has gone.

My eldest grandson just loves Dad's Army as do I.

RIP Pike.

Like you say, no age sadly.

Sad news. There can't be anybody left now, apart from perhaps 'lesser' characters.

St. Peter: Name?


Mainwaring: Don't tell him, Pike.

Question Author

He is the last one.  Most of them were of my mother's generation.  

"He is the last one."

Not really surprising. The first episode of Dads Army was broadcast in July 1968. Ian Lavender was then 22 and by far the youngest member of the cast. I haven't checked, but I imagine James Beck (Pte. Walker) was probably the next youngest but he was almost 40 when the series began.

Stupid Boy, RIP Pike!

Oddly enough Clive Dunn was one of the youngest, just made to look older. His part was originally going to be played by David Jason.

it still makes me laugh, must have watched over the yrs dozens of times, let's hope they dont remake it, you could imagine the content...

Link here:

Ian Lavender lived near here in Suffolk.  He might have been a few years older than me but he always beat me in the race from the train at Stowmarket to be the first in the taxi office!

Sad news.  RIP Ian.

He was superb as Ron Glum, in the TV series of 'The Glums'.

Arnold Ridley was always cast as a doddering old fool.I was surprised to read his biography where he took part in the most vicious hand to hand trenchfighting during WW1.

I didn't realise he was that old and I didn't realise he played Ron Glum in The Glums.

Oh Ron.  R.I.P 

I saw him in theatre and chatted in the pub after. Came across as a nice chap.

RIP Ian, thanks for the laughs

R.I.P. Mr Lavender.

Seventy seven years old is in my not humble opinion a good age.

My father passed at 54, sister 55, mother 66. I'm 73 this year, so another 4 years will be sufficient for me. 
Three score years and ten your allotted time, so so one had written.

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Last Member Of Dad’s Army Hasdied

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