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King Charles Has Cancer

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lankeela | 19:12 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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Undergoing treatment and stepping back from royal duties.



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I wish him well.

Ah nooo!

Not prostrate cancer, and I got the impression from the BBC a news that it was only discovered on his recent hospital treatment for his prostrate.

Sad. It seems only the female line who are destined for long life, although of course cancer treatment gets ever more successful these days.

I wish him well and a successful recovery.

My word. A bit of a shock but then again,'Why Not?'He is human along with the rest of the family. I wish him well.

Prostate Smow, not prostrate.

I hope his treatment is successful & wish him well.

I am sad to hear this.  Hope he makes a full recovery.  I wish him well.

Oh my goodness.   I wish him and his family well during what will undoubtedly be a worrying time.

Oh no sad news. Wishing him all the best 

Must be concerning as Prince Harry is coming to see him.

I wish him a speedy recovery.

I too wish him successful treatment. 

I wish him well  ... he has not seemed to be in great health for about a year.

i also wish him well, lost family to cancer myself, and im sure a lot of abers have as well, charles has had to deal with a lot and now this.

I hope it's been caught in the early stages, whatever it is.

I wish him well.

Poor beggar. After waiting faithfully so long, and with a worrying bunch of kids and their partners.

I feel sorrier for him than I do for the UK. He'll worry about the UK, but will the UK worry about him? No. Once he's gone they'll have a display of emotion and then carry on with life.

He hasn't got a bunch of kids. He has two sons.

It's been caught early and the outlook is positive.

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King Charles Has Cancer

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