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P M Qs - Why Should The Pm Apologise?

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ToraToraTora | 14:50 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | News
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It's fair game, Labour still don't know what a woman is.



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No matter what surgeries they undergo, nor documentation they may have, sp, a man can never be a woman.Sunak was refering to Starmer's position on the 'Trans' issue and not specifically the murder of Brianna Ghey. Esther Ghey may have been in the Parliamentary estate but she wasn't present in the chamber when he spoke.
14:42 Thu 08th Feb 2024

Because of who was in the gallery.

Is Sunak deliberately trying to lose the election?

These are very sensitive, divisive issues, and Sunak IMO should steer well clear. I don't see how jibes like this do any good. They are unlikely to damage Labour and they just make him look crass. Which you start to wonder well, maybe he is just that

Regardless of who was in the gallery he shouldn't apologise.  Starmer made a fool of himself.

But she wasn't in the gallery.

\\Sir Keir was visibly furious, saying: "Of all the weeks to say that when Brianna's mother is in this chamber".

Brianna Ghey's mother Esther was not in the public gallery for the exchange but entered later.//

Not a tthe precise time, but it was reminder of why this sort of jibe is crass (as already stated) because it affects real people, something we tend to overlook.

No need for the PM to apologise.

Starmer, however, needs to apologise to the 99.9% of women he insulted by claiming that 0.1% of us 'could' have a penis.

Yes, ich, it does affect real people - overwhelmingly real women.

Why apologise for stating something that is true?  It's Labour who should apologise for making such a suggestion in the first place.

I notice a large number of Conservatives are seeking the removal of Sunak as soon as possible. Even they know that he is not cut out for the job, as today's performance graphically demonstrated. 
The Conservative Britain Alliance commissioned a poll that was very damaging to the Conservatives and to Sunak. Thankfully the British people will soon have a say, and hopefully that will be the last we see of this dreadful man.

Context is everything. There is a time and a place - perhaps - for this nonsense, and that certainly wasn't it.

Sunak is lacking in political experience and nous, and lives in a different world from most people in this country in that he is wealthy and complacent. His comment was the first public statement on this complicated issue since the Brianna trial, and was insensitive and crass, believing as he did that Brianna's mother was in the public gallery. His advisers were either unaware that he was going to say this, or thought that it would go down well in the country, or they knew it would go down badly and would help get rid of him and favour the culture-war wing of the Tories.

Frankly IMO all politicians should steer clear of this topic as far as possible: all that happens is you get statements whether by Starmer, counterstatements by people like Sunak, that get help up to ridicule as it's easy to do.

No reason whatsoever.  However the leader of the opposition ought to reconsider their choice to debate it at that very time knowing it may upset those related to the murder victim. Is that the sort of leader our nation should have ?

OG; I thought that Starmer simply responded to words spoken by Sunak during PMQ's.


"However the leader of the opposition ought to reconsider their choice to debate it"

He wasn't debating it: Sunak was going through a list of opposition "U-turns" of varying types. Steering quite needlessly into trouble. I mean, no matter where you stand on that particular issue, it was pretty clueless.

The PM wasn't debating it but the opposition leader was when he reacted without forethought and brought up the issue of the victim's family. It seems common these days to try to upset someone and blame it on others. We saw it when folk were stirring about Boris and the "parties" thus depressing those who had lost loved ones in the pandemic, with no consideration as to the consequences of their actions.

brianna ghey's murder took place in part because of her gender identity.... her killers referred to her as "it" and made nasty jokes about her genitals. all while pretending to be her friend so they could lure her somewhere private to kill her.

they are quite frankly an excellent allegory for the attitude that many conservatives hold toward trans people. yes they'll be what passes for "polite". they'll say they're "just asking questions" and then they'll "politely" walk down to the ballot box and "respectfully" vote to take away their rights given the first opportunity.

sunak should not apologise because he won't mean it. he doesn't care about trans people. i doubt very much that he cares about anything at all... he is an empty skin, a nothing of a man. dead in the eyes. barely a person at all. he belongs in california with all his friends rendered inhuman by their obscene levels of wealth and total detachment from the rest of the human race.

I've read some rubbish and hyperbole in my time here and untitled post is another example

He likes to get things off his chest.  ;o)

Too right!

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