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piggynose | 09:45 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | News
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Has Katie Hopkins sent this to any media outlets? Newspapers? TV stations? Maybe she doesn't need to. I thought she said some interesting things, but who's listening? 

Methinks Katie Hopkins,like the Tories,the SNP,Nigel Farage,Boris Johnson,Mick Lynch,Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexiteer.Why the hell should we have to listen to these Brexiteers lies?

She's bang on but nothing new we all know lefties love terrorists.

Maybe you could listen in order to while away the months trying to find one of those Brexiteer lies you imagine exist somewhere.

I had to google who this woman is. My research suggest she is a bit of an oddball. The video seems to substantiate that.

The vital news that she cites as being missed because of the King's unfortunate diagnosis, consists of her neighbor 'banging' his pet Ukrainian refugee and now divorcing his wife. This proves that Ukrainian women are all adulterers, further corroborated by Miss Japan, who apparently has been 'banging' a married Japanese man.

If the King hadn't have been ill, would Miss Japan, and Ms Hopkin's neighbor been more prominent in the news headlines. I think not.


I'm pretty certain the neighbour was a side observation/detour from the Miss Japan article. You seem to have missed the other two.

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Now The News According To...

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