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Why Is "Gender Reassignment" Even Done On The Over Burdened N H S?

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ToraToraTora | 11:31 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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If these attention seekers want to get chopped about that's up to them but why are tax payers paying for it?



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The NHS should treat sick people.The NHS should not be there to give men vaginas, women penises, make women pregnant or make fat people thin. These, to me, should all be elective paid from one's own pocket, and if they cannot afford to do so, well that's their problem.
12:35 Wed 21st Feb 2024

Roy @ 13:00 //I assume you think the problems go away once gender reassignment has taken place?//

I've no idea Roy. I don't know of anyone who has had this op, but I have read of some who have taken their own lives because they were refused the op.

You have no idea who has experienced it Red.

Is it possible to block people on here?

No SteveDave

Have you asked them Pasta ? Maybe loads really would prefer to be the gender they already are but want to switch just for a change. You never know.

Are you serious O_G? //want to switch just for a change//

SteveDave //Is it possible to block people on here???//

No, but you can ignore them, just like I'm going to do right now.


That seems to be the implication of Pasta's post, Barsel.

The (private) New Victoria hospital in New Malden has stopped appointments on patients with any eye problems.  It is doing Gender Re Assignment instead.  And the NHS are paying.  Goodbye England. 

Is that strictly true, Smurf? The hospital's statement:

After careful consideration, the Executive Management Team at New Victoria Hospital has taken the decision to cease offering Ophthalmology services to patients, effective 1 August 2022. 


Following a thorough evaluation of our operational structure, the Hospital has opted to prioritise increasing patient needs for different functional and rehabilitative surgery, including Orthopaedics, Oncoplastic Breast procedures, Gastroenterology, Urology and Gynaecology treatments.

Barry, I have found this but that does not mean this is why they chose to stop eye surgery

New Victoria Hospital has been appointed by NHS England and the GNDRSS as an official UK healthcare facility to provide surgical gender affirmation procedures for patients who are on a female to male transitioning pathway.

A condition characterised by strong and persistent cross-gender identification and a continued discomfort with one’s own sex; Gender Dysphoria can cause an individual to experience feelings of distress as they feel trapped inside a body that doesn’t match their gender identity. Gender Dysphoria treatments are therefore aimed at reducing or removing these upsetting feelings of a mismatch between biological sex and gender identity.

The statement I copy and pasted states their reasons for no longer providing Opthalmology treatment.

Reading between the lines there is more profit in the other services.

10.31 ignorance is bliss!!!

I don't see how in the one breath you can say that I'm "spinning" that trans people are being neglected, and the very next that they should be neglected. It's in any case "spin" that you've implied that was my point to start with, when I was directing my post against, among other things, TTT's assertion that people can in effect get trans treatment on the NHS on a whim. And he has missed the point of the article in the link, which was critical of the long waiting times, when you see him implying that they aren't long at all.

Whether those waiting times are as large as they are now because of the pandemic or not, the fact is that they are long (measured in years for - again - just the first consultation); and have been historically long independent of Covid; and are at the moment getting longer. 

ClareTG0ld, I haven't said they should be neglected.  

11.35: more ignorance! 

Does anyone remember seeing the BBC series spanning several years A Change of Sex?

It was quite the revelation


While ttt is insisting on prioritising whose more important when it comes to vital surgery! What about self inflicted problems, eg lung cancer due to eating fags, liver problems due to excessive drinking, stomach surgery  due to overeating! Where do you draw the line?  

Question Author

Piggy that's a completely different discussion. I am not talking about prioritising GR it should not be done at all on the NHS. Along with the other things mentioned in the BA.

Question Author

The whole self inflicted thing is a non argument. More or less anything can be seen as self inflicted. Sports injuries, pregnancy, liver/heart/kidney disease etc etc

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Why Is "Gender Reassignment" Even Done On The Over Burdened N H S?

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