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Why Is "Gender Reassignment" Even Done On The Over Burdened N H S?

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ToraToraTora | 11:31 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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If these attention seekers want to get chopped about that's up to them but why are tax payers paying for it?



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The NHS should treat sick people.The NHS should not be there to give men vaginas, women penises, make women pregnant or make fat people thin. These, to me, should all be elective paid from one's own pocket, and if they cannot afford to do so, well that's their problem.
12:35 Wed 21st Feb 2024

there must be hundreds of thousands with very serious medical conditions, many live in agony taking pills constantly for it, as an example person needs heart surgery has x amount of children, without op they will die, x wants trans surgery who get's the op, id say take out private insurance, get a loan, crowd fund for the trans op... tranny is not going to die without op.

O_G@14:15...far from it.  It was your post that sounded like you were implying it's a flippant choice for those who make it.

oh and don't get me started about chest milk rofl treatment.

Can a surgeon who specialises in trans gender surgery also do heart surgery?  Is that how it works?


use of the assets such as the op theatre and bed etc, I will accept as being central to the argument here, the type of surgeon however is another matter. Most reassignment surgery is performed by those specialising in urology, may be some back-up from gynaecology and plastic. If I was going in for surgery, say heart or lungs etc, I wouldn't want a urologist working on me, just because my type of surgery takes priority. 

This thread could be very offensive to a genuine transgender person. Through no fault of their own they were born in the wrong body. Providing that they are having operations done with medical advice I can see no reason why they shouldn't have it done on the NHS. After all they will probably have worked and paid their NHS stamps

No-one is born in the wrong body.

If reassignment is sought, it should be paid for privately.

My post read fine. They have a preference. One can not avoid a reader inferring something not there.


So, God makes errors and sends some to a body god didn't mean to send them to. Doesn't seem very likely.

Andres, practically anything offends  someone but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be discussed.  I recall someone here once saying we shouldn't discuss weight issues because that might offend those who are overweight.  Ludicrous.  

jth----with due respect I would suggest that you read up on the biological facts about the foetus in the womb. Mother Nature does make some mistakes. 

With similar respect, andres, I have done plenty of reading on this particular issue and stand by what I have said.

naomi--- I agree but all I said was  that it could be offensive to a genuine transgender person ,that's all. The operative word being 'genuine'. No need to make an issue out of it.

I didn't make an issue out of it, Andres.  You did.  

Piggy's answer at 3.11pm is a rabbit hole and pooly thought out.

Take Piggy's answer to a logical conclusion and 99% of stuff wouldn't be treated.

I've been treated a number of times in the NHS for rugby injuries. Had I not played I would not have needed treatment. This is a yawning chasm of a difference to the NHS paying for a woman to get pregnant who cannot do so naturally? (can I still say women get pregnant?) 

Piggy is wrong.

No. It should read, "...after he was filmed injuring female opponents".

Why are they allowed to have a male in the women's team anyway ? The team should forfeit the whole season.

Let me clarify. Of course this male should not have received death threats.


But...this male should not have been playing against girls.


I have yet to hear a credible answer of why it's fair for men to compete against females. I've heard lots of answers trying to justify it, I've seen lots of spinning that would make Alastair Campbell green with envy, but I have yet to hear a credible justification.

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Why Is "Gender Reassignment" Even Done On The Over Burdened N H S?

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