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Pinocchio Returns.

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gulliver1 | 10:21 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | News
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Boris Johnson has been out of the headlines for a while and is  suffering from a chronic lack of attention and is now trying to get back into the spotlight by saying "The World was a safer place when Trump was President".,,Has Boris gone raving mad.



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Question Author

Boris announced that he thought the world experienced a sense of safety and stability during Donald Trumps Presidency.

Question Author

Think Boris shold Join Liz at the Plain and Purl Club.

He is well know for holding a few raves :0)


Question Author

This nutter even goes on to say "There was a discernible feeling of calmness and global security under the former Pesident" who is facing multiple criminal charges.

.........Are the lunatics running the Asylum......

Boris fans chattering to one another!🤣

 He obviously thought Truss was getting more attention :0)

Question Author

So Boris the ex puppet PM thinks Trump is the best thing since sliced bread ,while the other ex PM Truss thinks the present US President Biden is Doo Lally. Whilst both of them were complete failures when they were in the driving seat, Think this a classic case of pot and kettle

His comments did contain rather a big "if".

However I'll refrain from helping out with a link: see if Norman Bates or his mum can work it out 😄😄😄 

Question Author

Pinocchio Johnson goes on to say"Right now ,much of the world is craving the stability that goes with strong and decisive American Leadership..Eh ! If Boris likes America that much, why doesn't he go back to his place of birth and help them wreck their Country also ,he is very good at it.

What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread? Unsliced bread? 😊

Doubt if Boris knows what decisive means, er err err. :0)

Question Author

Boris  will be telling us the world is a safer place under Putin next.

yesterdays men just can stand it can they ? being y - men

I dont even feel sorry for the little fella - he wa awful when he had him

[we had to throw one dear old man down the steps of ( wherever) - his deputy we had thrown off the top of the building - and as we pressed our bottoms against the front door, the letter flap opened ( a la gromit) and a voice said - In a few years I think I will be ready to go.

and we hollered no not in a few years - today ! ]

What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread? Unsliced bread? 

Boris wd frobble his hair and say " well cripes, me of course!" and before HE was born Boris helped:

" and before that - my dad stanley Johnson" - aka stanislas Ivanowicz - Stan came from you know - THERE

amazzingly Gullz you seem to have a few people on your side for this one. Are you feeling OK ?

Kin idiot. I can only assume he's being paid to say this by someone.

The psychology with Trump is to tell him Biden was weak on Russia pretty much as he no doubt only bombed Assad because someone told him Obama was afraid to 

The "safer world" comment referred to Trump's previous presidency and was plainly, er, "not the whole truth" 

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Pinocchio Returns.

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