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nicebloke1 | 14:22 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | News
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News this morning so don't have a link. I agree with the banning of disposable vapes, and stopping kids vaping by April 25th, why wait a year I have no clue.

However it now appears that the government have decided to tax all other vapes and vape oils. There is already VAT on vape oils so this new tax will be much the same as the tax on tobacco. They don't miss a chance to tax us up to the eyeballs do they? but of course the loss on tobacco tax has it them hard. They say it will help fund the national insurance cut. All in all they just can't get by without the smoker can they whatever form that may take vaping or tobacco.



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I don't care how much duty they put on non-essential, potentially harmful goods that nobody has to buy.


I think all leisure vapes should be banned. We took decades to limit tobacco smoking then an evil bunch of businessfolk jumped in to find a loophole to mess things up again. There's no excuse. There's plenty of other ways to help folk kick foolish habits without using it as an excuse for vapes.

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Stamp it out or make money? they've choosen to make money out of  harmful goods under a smoke screen of banning it?

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OG those evil bunch of  businessfolk produced the nicotine patch that stopped people from smoking. The latter helped many from going on to be cancer patients. The vape was produced for the same reason and with the same results. There is still no solid evidence that vaping is so harmful as tobacco was.

I remember nicotine patches being as expensive as cigarettes.  I don't recall school kids using them.


25TH is a date not a year, is it 25th april?

How much will it save the NHS - nobody has to smoke or vape yet the NHS has to pick up the bill for treating them.

Question Author

OK lets clear this mistake I made. 25th APRIL 2025. Any thoughts now on the OP joko?

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Barry nicotine patches were expensive when they first appeared on the market, but they have been free on the NHS now for many years, again reducing the cancer rate. The idea of vapes in the main was to reduce smoking like the nicotine patch, and does so. However if government are going to tax vape oils on the same level as tobacco then this will only drive some people back to tobacco I feel. Some gave up for health reasons, and the vape helped that, some gave up because of the high cost of tobacco and started vaping because it amounted to about a third or less of the cost of smoking tobacco.

lankeela - the NHS picks up the tab for all kinds of harm we do to ourselves.

They should ban vapes & tobacco issue anyone with withdrawal symptoms with a dummy!

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Won't they then tax the dummy?

The harm ftom tobacco smoking wasn't known and denied for ages. Besides that isn't the critical bit; the ctitical bit is it's antisocial consequence. And patches are not the same thing so aren't comparable in support.

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Patches leak nicotine into the body, vapes do the same thing. Its the flavored throw away vapes that do the harm thats why they are being banned. The plain nicotine vape oil do the same thing as the patches.

Nicebloke1, patches and other things have only been free where I live if you sign up to a course of having to go to meetings every week or 2 for a few months unless it's changed recently.  My son tried going on one but he couldn't make meetings because of his work hours so they wouldn't let him do it.  Good if you could though.  I stopped over 40 years ago by will power only but I do know that it wont work for everyone.

Only two things are guranteed in life: Death and Taxes.

It will be ever thus.

There is no evidence that vaping causes any health problems if used correctly. Its effects certainly do NOT cost the health service any considerable costs. As an alternative to cigarettes, long term it improves peoples' respiratory health.

Putting vaping in equal restrictions as tobacco does not make sense. Vapes are aleady subject to VAT, so another tax is just shameful money grab by the Government.




The same propose legislation will be on patches too.

Ingesting nicotine through the skin is a lot healthier than inhaling it into the lungs. Taxing healthier alternatives to smoking proves the Government is not at all motivatted by the health of the nation, but extracting as much tax as possible for us.

Not cool for school, sporting a loaded Elastoplast.

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