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Eamonn Holmes

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nicebloke1 | 11:41 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | News
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Watching GB news this morning I caught them in the middle of a chat about police performance. Eamonn said he drives a very expensive car, and on his way into work this morning at 4am he was stopped by an unmarked police car, with blue lights flashing. The officer said that his kind of car is a target, and were making sure it wasn't stolen. Emonn carried on to say this was the third time he had been stopped for this reason and didn't mind at all, as it showed the police are doing their job. First off what a stupid thing to say on air that you drive an expensive car. 2nd, you would think after being stopped 3 times the local police would know who's driving that car at 4pm. Good use of police time or not?? Silly thing to state that your car is an expensive one on air??



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Then again, i recall the spoof sketches where EH ate all the furniture on the GM set. So why not drink a clapped out Honda?

"There are those on here who like to make it clear they drive expensive cars." - who would that be? not me I drive a 20 year old Jaaag that cost less than £4k.

Can honestly say I have never watched EH on TV. Is he bothered?

Ha ha: it's odd because I am pretty sure my laptop doesn't do predictive text. So no excuse there!

Question Author

11.10 bednobs Yes most people can tell an expensive car by just looking at it as it passes. And big time car thieves may also know already what he drives and how wealthy he is.

But there are also many thousands of people that don't really know EH, what he drives, how wealthy he is, or where he lives. With the influx of overseas people flocking into this country at the moment I just thought it was a dum thing to say on TV, because many of those thousands that did't know, know now. EH has been on TV long enough to know now what you should and shoundn't say or do. All the above is what makes me think he's not to with it these days.

lankeela @ 11.10. I don't believe he is what you called him. You need to be of good education to do the job he has done for many years, and study the days news before going on air, not to mention having to smile at 4am every day for years on end. T**** don't become wealthy by being T**** in fact very clever.

if they dont know him, what he drives or where he lives etc then what's the problem.

if you're worried about these random foreigners stealing his car because he said it was expensive, how are they going to target him ???

no one will steal his car - it gets stopped every time cops see it!

Question Author

12.41 So you don't think they can find out then??

Question Author

12.45 He's been stopped 3 times, not every time.

Perhaps nicebloke can tell us how the police knew it was Holmes driving before they stopped it. They could find out who owned it but can not identify the driver from behind and in the dark. He might also tell us how they can be sure it won't be him driving it next time they see it, again without stopping it. Much as I dislike Holmes I think the fact that he mentioned it was an expensive car (he didn't boast what make it was) to identify the reason the stop was made.

Clapped out Honda....Stead on, I drive a CRV Honda but it doesn’t clap:-)

nicebloke, could you imagine the fall out if the police didn't bother to stop a stolen because they believed it must be the owner behind the wheel? 

Good for them for doing their job

Not jealous and not having a pop at anybody.  But over the years on here there have been those that have loved to make it clear that they drove expensive cars.  Cars mean nothing to me they are just things you use to get from A to B.  

And Ttt I am well aware you drive an old Jag and  my comment wasn't aimed at you.

Just check the reg, note that it's slightly low at the offside front and that'll confirm that fatty is in command of his own car

No need for a stop, unless they're looking for an autograph of course.


Naughty  Doug...😆

Good thing EH ain't black!!

Probably a pop at me then TTT.

Eamonn Holmes drives an expensive car all about it 🙄 who has the expensive jam jar then?

Question Author

Well if nothing else this thread has given me a good laugh today :0) Can't believe some of the cantankerous remarks and behavior, on second thoughts I can. Just to add again that its not always a great idea to display ones wealth if you have it.

Its not always the car someone may be after, Michael MacIntyre proved that some time back. He use to wear is Rolex watch on stage and his muggers waited for him to roll up outside his childs school in his top of the range Range Rover to take it from him. Anyhow hope you all have a good evening. :0)

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